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Big-Screen TV Related Questions

The Big Screen TV’s are developing fast with the rise of new technologies like LCD, plasma display, projections televisions and so on. These televisions are flat screened and use high definition technology. Moreover, the television industry is changing the aspect ratio to 16:9 which could conveniently be used by these televisions. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Big-Screen TV that has been answered by the Experts.

How to remove the white dots on the screen of my Mitsubishi Big Screen TV?

To begin with, the DLP chip is an electronic device located inside a television set. It not only produces an image but also projects it on the front screen of a television using the projection lamp and the light engine. In this case, the reason these white dots are appearing on your screen is because the DLP chip inside your TV is failing. Therefore, to fix this problem, you would need to replace the chip. However, it is always best to have it fixed by an expert if you want to prevent your TV from any further damage. You could visit various electronic retail stores like to get a required DLP chip. Moreover, you may want to click on to find a TV repair shop in your locality for getting the chip replaced. Usually, you could expect to pay around three hundred and fifty to four hundred dollars for a repair like this.

How can I replace the lamp of my Mitsubishi Big Screen TV. It got burned out.

In this case, you would need the owner’s manual to replace the lamp. You can download the manual by clicking on Once it’s downloaded, you should go to page one hundred and twelve on the manual to get information on how to replace the lamp. You would need to remove a particular door to replace the lamp. You would find that door on the back of your TV. Now, after you have visited the website, you would have to click on the ‘Product Documents’ option to enter your TV’s model number. You must know that lamp replacement is considered a consumer replaceable item. However, before replacing the lamp, you must ensure that the TV was off for an hour. You should also avoid touching it as the oil on your skin might damage the lamp.

How can I get my Mitsubishi Big Screen TV to switch on? The green light appears but then immediately lights off. What do I do?

In this case, the first thing you could do is perform a soft reset on the TV’s internals by disconnecting the TV for thirty seconds and then connecting it back. However, if the reset procedure doesn’t fix the problem, all you would need is a technician to look at the TV and disassemble its parts. They would find the faulty capacitors and replace them. An average capacitor would cost you around one dollar each. Usually, such problems are likely to occur because of failing capacitors. A capacitor is an electronic component that looks like a battery. With time and heat, these electronic parts can go faulty and may dry up. Normally, there are cases when multiple capacitors can become defective even before the TV is dead completely. However, there is no error code in this. Therefore, it looks like the power supply cannot turn on from its standby mode because of these faulty capacitors.

How do I remove the reddish tint and blue convergence from the screen of my Phillips Big Screen TV? The blue convergence is hazy and I can’t view the night scenes properly.

Based on what you have stated, it looks like your TV has a convergence circuit failure. These problems are normally very common in these sets. In such cases, it is more than likely you would not find any reset procedure or button that you can push to cure this problem. However, if you could visit you can purchase a kit that would have all the parts you need to fix this issue. Moreover, it would provide step by step instructions on how you can fix this problem by yourself. Now in case you are not very comfortable handling this issue on your own, you can contact a technician to repair the set for you. In that case, a repair like this would usually cost you around two hundred and fifty dollars for parts and labor. You would want to visit to find a technician in your locality. The Big Screen TV’s have high resolutions. With many options available, they have a variety of technical specifications too. Therefore, every consumer should consider both the benefits and limitations before purchasing a Big Screen TV. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Big-Screen TV, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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