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Bidet Questions

The bidet was invented by the French and is now a standard European bathroom fixture. There are several kinds of bidets. One type of bidet comes with a tap that pours water into a basin made of china. This basin can either be filled with water by plugging it in or the water can be permitted to drain out. Other kinds of bidets have nozzles that squirt an arc of water into the air. Different kinds of material from stainless steel to plastic can be used to make these kinds of bidets.

Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts on issues related to bidets.

My Kohler bidet has no water from the two jets in it. I cleaned the jets, the lights are working and the motor that operates the jets is working. What else can I do to fix this?

It seems like your bidet has clogged jets. Since all the jets are inter-connected and only two of them are not working, it’s possible that they are clogged. You may not be able to clean them and probably have to replace the entire bidet. You can check with Kohler and see if they can send you a replacement.

How do I replace the O-ring, small metal washer and larger washer on the stem on my bidet?

Case details: 20 year old Kohler Bidet, Part numbers: 34470 steam detail, 39881 valve stem packing, 34117 O-ring, 33331 washer 15/32 x .844>

Look for a small groove on the stem where you can place the O-ring. If you can’t find one, place all the parts on the stem, beginning from the top, in this order: O-ring, metal washer, stem packing. Be careful that you don't force anything.

My bidet isn’t working well. There is minimal flow from the feed at the spritz outlet. I have checked to see if the aerator was clogged and poured some CLR down the outlet pipe. But the problem still exists. What can I do?

To fix this, you first need to break the connection where the tubing to the “spritz outlet” leads to the valve. Once you do this, check the flow by turning on the valve. Connect the tube to the vacuum breaker in order to break the connection from the inlet of the vacuum breaker to the valve. If the flow seems okay, examine the vacuum breaker’s outlet. Your problem could well be a blockage between the spritzer and the vacuum breaker.

I have a toto bidet and want to raise the drain outlet. How can I do it?

Case details: In an attempt to take the top off the drain outlet to look for debris, I pushed the vertical bar behind. This pushed the drain outlet down.

It’s possible that the lever mechanism that is located behind the bidet has slipped. You will find a horizontal bar behind the bidet in line with the outlet. Just push the bar down. If that doesn’t help you fix the problem, use a tool to get the outlet/plug out of the hole.

Many basic bidets can easily be installed by a plumber. However, there are bidets with advanced features that need an experienced professional to handle the installation. These bidets also take up a lot more space. In fact, sometimes, homeowners who want to install a bidet may not have the room for another unit. In these cases, they could look for a bidet that can be fixed to an existing toilet. These kinds of units are not only easy to install but also fit tiny spaces well. If you need more information on a bidet, consult an Expert with specifications on what you are looking for.
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