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Bicycle Law Questions

What are bicycles laws?

Bicycle laws are a set of rules and regulations that overlook the use of bicycles by people. There may be many aspects of bicycle laws that individuals may not know of. It is important for people to know about the different bicycle laws if they own a bicycle and ride it. Given below are important questions about bicycle laws that are asked by people.

Can a bicycle rider file a claim against a motorist if he/she left the accident scene stating that he/she was uninjured?

According to bicycle laws, a bicycle rider may be able to file a claim against a motorist even though he/she left the accident scene stating that he/she was uninjured. However, the motorist may report the claim to his/her insurance company and inform them that the bicycle rider left the accident scene without filing a police report saying he/she was fine. The motorist may also provide the police officer’s notes as evidence against the bicycle rider.

Should an electric assisted bicycle be registered in the state of Colorado?

Bicycle laws may differ from state to state in the United States. In some states like Colorado, an individual may not have to register their electric assisted bicycle in order to ride it.

Would an individual’s building management be liable if his/her bicycle got stolen from outside the building?

An individual’s building management may not be liable for his/her stolen bicycle from the building unless his/her agreement with the building management includes maintenance of insurance towards the individual.

How can an individual claim for injuries in a bicycle accident if the at fault driver has not given his/her insurance information?

If the at fault driver’s insurance information is not available, the bicycle rider may sue the owner of the vehicle. He/she may request for information about the insurance company by submitting a request for production of documents. If the insurance company refuses liability for the accident, the rider may sue the individual for any injuries.

Would a gasoline powered bicycle which does only 48cc require a driver’s license in the state of Florida?

Bicycle laws may differ in different parts of USA. In some states like Florida, an individual may not require a driver’s license to ride a gasoline powered bicycle which does only 48cc. However, the individual who rides the bicycle would have to be at least 16 years old to ride the bicycle.

Would an individual be responsible for their child’s liabilities if they were to die in a bicycle accident?

In some of the situations, if the individual is a personal representative of their child, then the parent can be held responsible for their child’s liabilities if they were to die in a bicycle accident.

Can an individual file a claim against the at fault party in a bicycle accident for lost wages due to the injuries caused by the accident?

If an individual is able to prove that he/she is unable to work due to injuries caused by the bicycle accident and hence has lost wages, he/she may be able to file a claim against the at fault party for any lost wages due to injuries in the bicycle accident.

Bicycle laws may vary from state to state within the United States. It is necessary for you to know which bicycle laws apply to you and which do not if you own a bicycle, plan to buy a bicycle or have been involved in a bicycle accident. You can ask an Expert if you have questions about bicycle laws and need more information on them.
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