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Better Business Bureau Questions

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private organization that offers free business reviews on over 4 million businesses. The BBB acts as a mediator between businesses and the customers who have disputes against the business. The BBB also is in the forefront of public awareness to scams. If you would like to learn more about the Better Business Bureau, continue to read the questions below regarding the BBB that have been answered by Experts.

If an individual is wants to work from home, how would an individual find out if an online business is legitimate?

Individuals should be very careful when dealing with get quick, work from home offers. Usually, most of these offers are scams that try to get your money. There is no easy way to make money fast by working from home. Many of these companies offer grand expectations to customers in the hope of getting huge amounts of money for working at home. This is usually deceptive marketing. One way to find a company's validity is to contact the Better Business Bureau. As for the company that you speak of, there is nothing about the company listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Due to the increased volume of fraud, the Federal Trade Commission requires that all work from home companies provides an earning disclaimer. The disclaimer has to state an exact guarantee and a realistic estimation of the money a person can make. The disclaimer attached to the company that you are asking about promises nothing.

What could happen to an individual who filed a sexual harassment complaint against a manager at a company that was a lie to the Better Business Bureau?

By making a false complaint, the individual could be charged with defamation/slander/libel and could be found liable for any damages that result in the false allegations against the individual. If manager prove there are actual damages, you could face liability towards the reputation and emotional distress of the company and the manager. You could also be made to pay the company's attorney's fees. If you believe the company and/or the manager are planning to sue you, you should retain an attorney to assist you.

Is the Better Business Bureau a government agency?

The Better Business Bureau is a private organization that publishes information about businesses and business reliability. The BBB operates in Canada and the United States and offers information regarding charities, resolving disputes, and rights and responsibilities of companies and businesses. In order for a business to become a member of the BBB, the company must pay for the membership once they enroll. When enrolling in the BBB, a company must first agree to Dispute Resolution before receiving a membership.

I won a binding arbitration (by the Better Business Bureau) in the amount of $14,124.32 plus "reasonable costs of collection". Does the BBB enforce the collection?

The Better Business Bureau mediated the arbitration and awarded you the amount. In order to enforce the arbitration, you will have to serve written demand including a copy of the Arbitration document. If the other party hasn't made a payment within 30 days, you will have to file a petition with the court to enforce the Arbitration. If the other party still doesn't make payment, you can file petitions through the court to seize property and/or accounts from the party to satisfy the debt.

The Better business Bureau is a resource agency where you can find information about a company or list your company information. If you have questions about the trust worthiness of a company, you can usually contact the BBB and see if the company is a member. If you have issues with the BBB or just have questions regarding the BBB, you should ask an Expert for insightful answers.
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