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Social Security Beneficiary Questions

Social Security is benefits paid to a beneficiary after retirement, a spouse dies, or other reasons. Many people have questions regarding Social Security and knowing where to find reliable information is the key to having peace of mind. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding Social Security.

Who should notify Social Security Administration of a beneficiary’s death?

Whoever is the closest heir of the beneficiary’s estate should notify the Social Security Administration of their passing. Typically, most funeral directors will provide death information to the Social Security Administration.

Once the Social Security beneficiary dies, are the funds required to be returned after being deposited?

Once a social security beneficiary dies, the Social Security Administration expects checks mailed, deposited or direct deposited after the date of death of the beneficiary to be returned.

Who is entitled to Social Security benefits after the beneficiary dies?

After the death of the beneficiary, no one is entitled to their social security checks.  If there is a recipient listed as the pay on death beneficiary of the checking account, that person will be entitled to the funds in the account.

As of January 13, 2013, will money be deducted from Social Security benefits?

In 2013, social security payments will increase by 1.7 percent. Social security payments are adjusted each year to reflect inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index.           

If a person gets remarried what will it do to the Social Security benefits and to the new spouse’s benefits?

Case Details: The new spouse is receiving benefits from her deceased husband and has never worked.

Even if she remarries, she can continue to receive widow’s benefits from her deceased husband or she can apply for benefits under her new husband. She can see which would be greater. Social Security Administration states that “if you remarry after you reach the age of 60 (or 50 if disabled), you will continue to receive benefits on your deceased spouse’s Social Security record. However, if the current husband is a Social Security beneficiary, the new wife should apply for a wife’s benefit on his record if it would be larger than the widow’s benefit. You cannot get both.

Are Social Security benefits locked in at the rate when one first began receiving them?

The Social Security benefits are not locked in at the initial rate received.  An individual can suspend their benefits, continue to work and increase the benefit amount they will be paid at retirement.

How long should a person wait after being released from prison to reinstate social security benefits?

The prisoner or the prison should contact the Social Security Administration before they are released.  Ask if the prison has a pre-release agreement with the Social Security Administration.  If they do the prison may be able to contact the Social Security Administration on their behalf.

How can one find out why they have not received their Social Security payment?

If your check is missing, lost or stolen it can be replaced, but it takes time. If you normally receive your check by mail, you should wait at least three days after that date and then call the Social Security Administration. You can call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-722-1213 to report any checks that are late, missing, or possibly stolen.

As seen above, dealing with the Social Security Administration can be confusing. When you have questions, it is important to know you are getting accurate answers from Experts. Verified Experts are available to answer your questions day or night from the comfort of your home.

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