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Bench Warrant Questions

What is a bench warrant?

The bench warrant definition states that this kind of warrant is an arrest warrant that is processed by a judge or court, in many cases it is issued when someone does not follow through with a court order or requirement. When is bench warrant is released the law enforcement has the right to pick up the person in which the warrant was issued to and bring him or her into the court to deal with the charges that made up the bench warrant. Some judges are more likely to process a bench warrant than others, as a normal rule people should avoid disregarding any court orders to avoid a bench warrant, because the penalties can often times be very severe. Bench warrants are not something to take lightly, when an individual has been issued a bench warrant it is advised to take care of this warrant as soon as possible. Read below to find more answers given by the Experts relating to bench warrants.

Can you get a bench warrant changed to the location you are residing in?

Case Details: Bench warrant issued from another state for someone residing in the state of Washington.

In many cases this is not possible; the case must be taken care of in the state in which it occurred in. If this person has an active bench warrant they might want to consider talking to an attorney in the state that the offense occurred to see if the court date can be rescheduled for a later date, with the guarantee that you would be at that court date.

What is the statute of limitations on fugitive bench warrants?

Case Details and Additional Questions: Bench warrant issued for the state of Washington for shoplifting. Can the warrant be transferred to another state if the accused were to travel to Canada? 

In many cases fugitive warrants never decease. This case would stay open for the remainder of that person’s life or until he / she has a lawyer go back to court where they failed to appear, and go before the judge whom handed out the warrant.

More than likely the United States will not extradite him/her from Canada since it was a shoplifting offense. The warrant against this person will however show up on any kind of boarder check if this person tried to reenter the United States.

If the accused traveled into another city or state, the person would be placed under arrest and then transferred to the state where the warrant was issued.

If this person is interested in clearing their record, they would hire a lawyer from the state that they would need to appear before the judge. Since the case may be considered a small case, this person may be able to take care of this matter without even leaving Canada.

The person cannot use a Canadian lawyer unless the lawyer is licensed to practice in the United States, and in the state in which that person was arrested. The attorney can appear for that person have the warrant lifted and get a date set for the person to appear to have the matter resolved.

Can you pay restitution in court from over 15 years ago for a bench warrant?

Case Details: State of New York. 

If the case is that the only reason they have a bench warrant is because of restitution, then all this person would need to do is organize a time and date to appear and pay the money.

It would be wise to have a lawyer go with them just to make sure that they are not booked, this is unlikely because they have the money, but they will need to make sure that they have the correct amount of money and if there is any interest that the interest has been added up and added to the restitution money in order from being booked in jail.

In the state Arkansas can the statute of a bench warrant be considered pending or is it automatically upon failure to appear?

When a court is issues a warrant for someone’s arrest and they have failed to appear to the court’s orders, which in other words a bench warrant is issues, the order is considered immediate, but in some cases it is not always enforceable until the warrant is outlined and signed by the court. In many cases there is normally a delay in between the order and when the bench warrant is handed out. So the in between time could be called pending. So, in this case this is possible.

When someone has failed to appear to their court date, there is normally a bench warrant that is issued to that person. Often times that person is arrested and then sentenced to jail time, other times depending on the crime that is committed the person can pay their fine and the bench warrant will be lifted. For more information dealing with bench warrant for arrests, contact the Experts.

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