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Benadryl Treatment

What is Benadryl?

Benadryl is an over-the-counter medication that is used to treat allergies or symptoms of allergies. This medication contains several different antihistamines that are responsible for temporarily relieving symptoms of seasonal or any allergies that are present. There are several different forms of this medication including oral and topical. When there is an issue with allergies and Benadryl is needed, questions can arise about the benefits and dosage. Read below are a few questions that are answered by Experts.

Can Benadryl be used to treat the itching caused from poison ivy?

When someone is dealing with poison ivy, using Benadryl to help with itching can help. Occasionally, topical forms of Benadryl can help with rashes that arise and oral doses can help with the physical itching or discomfort.

Is Benadryl used to treat topical dermatitis and what treatment with the Benadryl will be needed or done?

When there is a case of topical dermatitis, the doctor may prescribe Benadryl with a strong steroid type cream. The Benadryl may help with the itching and the steroid will help to calm the dermatitis. The person may also need to have other tests ran to make sure the rash is not from any other medical issue.

What should a person do if Benadryl and other medication are not relieving a rash?

When there is a rash present and a person is taking Benadryl and other treatments and the rash does not go away, the person may need to see a doctor. When the Benadryl and other treatments do not work to relieve the rash, then this may be a sign of a more serious disease or medical issue. Seeing the doctor as soon as possible may be the only way to find out what is going on.

If a person has an infection rash will Benadryl still be used or what other treatment is available?

When an infection rash is present , a doctor will often place the person on a Benadryl cream as well as an oral dose. Doctors may want the individual to take an antibiotic as well as a steroid shot to help relieve the rash. Benadryl and other medications will relieve any rash as well as infection.

What is used with Benadryl to treat poison ivy and what can be done if these medications do not work?

When someone is infected with poison ivy, it is often recommended the individual use Benadryl as well as Calamine Lotion.. If these two medications do not work, the individual will need to go to the Emergency Room and get a steroid shot.

Can a person use Benadryl when having Asthma?

When someone has Asthma and is on Asthma medication, they may want to be weary of using Benadryl to treat allergies. If there is a need to use this medication, the individual will need to be monitored closely by a doctor. Sometimes, this can the bronchi may thicken from the use of Benadryl. Benadryl is a medication that is used to treat allergies and the symptoms. When there is a need to use Benadryl, the person may have questions about the use the Benadryl. When there are answers needed, individuals may want to ask the Experts.
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