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Bird Behavior Problems

Bird behavior problems are when the actions of the bird are not warranted or wanted or may cause damage to themselves or a human. Some behavioral problems may be a result of improper training or actions that were allowed until they became a problem. Once this happens, the owner may seek the advice of a trainer or even place the bird up for adoption with someone capable of caring for it. Most birds have the following behavioral problems:

  • biting
  • aggression
  • screaming
  • feather plucking or chewing
  • self-mutilation

When there is a case of behavioral problems in birds, questions regarding how to deal with these problems may arise. Below are some questions about bird behavior problems that are answered by an Expert.

How to stop a bird from leaving the cage at-will and what causes it to behave like this?

When a bird is exhibiting behavior problems of wanting to leave the cage at will, the owner should make sure the bird is not able to leave the cage unless taken out. Some birds may have this kind of behavior once they have been allowed to freely come and go from their cage. Sometimes stress and nutrition issues may cause the bird to act differently or want to be released from the cage.

What causes birds to start eating eggs and how to correct this?

When there is a large group of birds in one enclosure, behavioral problems like eating their own eggs can occur. One reason is if there is not enough room in the cage. Improper nest material or not enough nest space may also contribute to the behavior. In cases where the birds are not getting proper food, this could be a sign of inadequate nutrition. The owner may want to try and make the living space larger and provide more nests as well as proper nesting material. Check with the vet to make sure the food being fed is the proper food and amounts for the birds. The owner may also ensure there is enough water to drink because in some cases, the birds may eat the eggs because of thirst.

To stop a bird from biting and aggression, can smacking or hitting work to correct this behavior?

The owner may want to refrain from hitting or smacking the bird. Sometimes this may cause the aggression or biting to become worse. When the bird is showing this behavior, there may be a need for the owner and the bird to see a vet to have the behavior analyzed and modification of the behavior started.

What causes two birds to constantly want to breed and how to stop this?

First, try and separate the two birds. The following are common causes for this behavior:

  • Not enough room in the cage.
  • An abundance of food.
  • Hormonal factors.
  • Environmental factors.
  • The constant presence of the mate.

Changing all these factors may help with reducing need to breed and correct the behavioral problem. Once the birds are separated, the owner should occupy them with something else to do during the time that they used to spend together. The owner may imitate the conditions in the wild, like making it difficult to find food by hiding it in different places. Looking for food can help keep the birds occupied and bring down their reproductive drive.

Behavioral issues in birds can be caused by many factors. To correct these behaviors, the owner must find the underlying cause and correct it. For more behavior and care information, ask Experts on JustAnswer now.




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