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Volvo Battery Troubleshooting

Is your car having trouble starting? Is the battery light constantly on? Car batteries are no doubt one of the most important components in a vehicle because many operations and features are directly dependent on them. If battery problems arise, it can cause a great deal of inconvenience and trouble. However, dealing with battery issues can be relatively simple and easy to manage if you have assistance from Experts. Read below where Experts have answered a few common Volvo battery questions and problems.

Does a battery problem affect the FM radio?

Yes, a battery problem does affect the car’s FM radio. When the car battery starts to fail, it is similar to a light switch on the wall which is being flipped on and off rapidly. The power continues to surge until all the battery amps are drained and the battery dies completely. The same phenomenon occurs with the electronic circuit boards inside the radio leading to FM problems.

Why is the Volvo battery light perpetually on?

The battery light illuminates when the charging voltage is either abnormally low or high. There is no wire which can be cut to prevent the charging system for under or over charging. To confirm this, the charging system would need to be tested while the battery light is on. More often than not, the battery light comes on because of a failed alternator, alternator control wiring or engine controller.

After a Volvo battery replacement why have the dash lights dimmed, turn signals stopped working and skid service light on?

Changing the battery is not as easy as removing and replacing and low voltage causes interference with the lighting and other functions of the car. To avoid this issue, a battery mender can be used. It is a small device which keeps the computers powered on while the battery is being replaced. For the skid light and skid service problem, the dealer would need to scan the car for codes.

Is a parking brake error message on a Volvo XC T6 related to a battery issue?

Yes it is possible that this is a battery issue. Low voltage can result in various warning messages getting displayed. This is especially the case if the car was recently jumpstarted and the dashboard goes blank while starting. Control modules such as the parking brake module, set fault codes during low voltage which convert to error messages. The battery may need to be replaced to overcome this problem and the car would need to be driven for some time for the message to disappear.

After a new battery was installed, why is the Volvo C70 not starting the next morning?

It is possible for a brand new battery to drain out especially at night or if the head lights were left on. It could also be a bad cell in the battery which has short circuited and the charger may be equipped with a protection mode preventing it from getting burned and recharging the battery. To charge the battery remove it from the Volvo take it to a mechanic to charge or place it in another car and allow that car to run for approximately half an hour with that battery.

What can be done if the high beams stopped working after a Volvo battery replacement?

Most probably the light switch module fuse has blown during the battery replacement. This is a common problem for which the fuse should be located using the owner’s manual and replaced.

It is common to face battery related problems at some point during the lifespan of the car. Moreover this is one area in which many car owners may feel comfortable to troubleshoot or attempt a diagnosis. As detailed above, Volvo battery problems can occur suddenly and the value of Expert information can be high in these situations. Listed above is only an overview of some Volvo battery problems faced. If you are facing different issues and need to troubleshoot or get opinions, ask Experts online for quick assistance from the comfort of your home.

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