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Modern cars, such as those manufactured by Renault, come outfitted with plenty of electronic devices that require a lot of electrical power. When the engine is not running, the battery is the only source for this power. Therefore, a faulty Renault battery can not only prevent the car from starting but also result in a wide range of operational problems. Sometimes, diagnosing whether a car’s electrical problems are caused by the battery or some other component is often difficult. That is why the insights and opinions of the Experts can help. Listed below are a few questions on Renault batteries that have been answered by the Experts.

A 2004 Renaults Megane that is driven regularly has a new battery that keeps draining overnight. The alternator has been checked and is okay. How does one locate the source of the problem and fix it?

If the Renault battery and charging system are okay and the battery drains overnight, it is most likely to be a case of a parasitic leak. This means that some component is consuming power that it is not supposed to when the car is switched off. To find the problem, turn off the ignition and ensure that all the accessories are off. Open the bonnet and take out the key (card). Disconnect the battery cable and inset an amp meter between the cable and battery terminal. The meter should show a reading for the amount of milliamps that is being drained.

Begin removing the fuses one at a time and check the amp meter for a sharp drop in the power drawn. If there is none, replace the fuse and go on to the next one. When removing a certain fuse, if it affects the power drain significantly, this means that the circuit connected to the fuse is the one that is draining the battery. The function of the fuse will be indicated on the fuse box lid. Have this circuit checked and get the necessary parts changed as required.

Where is the battery located in a 2012 Renault Trafic?

The Renault battery in the Trafic is located in the passenger’s foot well. Look for a cut out in the carpet. Lift it out to locate a black metal plate below. Finally, loosen the screws holding it in place, push the plate to one side and then lift it off. The battery should be visible.

The remote locking on a 2003 Renault Megane is not working – the doors have to be opened manually. The car hasn’t been used in four weeks. It will not start now and, except for the immobilizer light, the dashboard is dead. What is the problem and what can be done to fix it?

The symptoms indicate a Renault master battery problem. Typically, when the charge is very low, the central locking will not work, the car will not start and the dashboard lights will be dead. There may be only enough power to operate the LED immobilizer light. The solutions here are to jump start the car, use a portable power / booster pack to give the car enough power to start or to remove the battery and give it for charging. If the battery is in good condition it would be worthwhile to have someone from a local garage check it out to find the reason that it discharged to begin with.

When a new Renault battery is installed on a 1999 Renault Megane Scenic, how is the code number entered in the system and how does the system accept it?

The radio is used to enter the code. Switch it on and the word “CODE” will be displayed which means it is asking for a code input. The stalk steering wheel remote controls are used for entering the code. Press the ¬ button and then rotate the thumb wheel for the first digit of the code to be entered. Press ¬ again and repeat the procedure for the second digit. Keep doing this till all the digits are entered. Once the correct code is showing on the screen, hold the ¬ button down for 10 seconds to store the code.

Is there any special procedure to be followed when replacing the Renault master battery on a 2004 Scenic?

The replacement is a simple process. Remove the negative terminal first, then the positive one. Take out the old battery and fit in the new one. Now connect the positive terminal and then the negative one. Once this is done, the battery is connected. Typically, the comfort settings and radio code will now need to be reset along with any accessories that may be fitted like one-touch window opening, the sunroof and so on.

A faulty Renault battery can cause all kinds of car problems, besides making the car non-functional. In many cases, finding the right solutions to battery problems is even more difficult than diagnosing the situation. Uninformed hit-or-miss efforts can exacerbate the problem. If you are facing trouble with your Renault battery, direct your questions to the Experts who can offer timely information and insights at an affordable cost.
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