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Nissan Battery Related Questions

Do you need to troubleshoot a Nissan battery? Or need to know why the vehicle will not start after fixing wires or fuses? Battery problems are often caused by connection and/or charging issues and there could be a number of reasons for this. The insights of verified mechanical Experts will help you to pinpoint the cause so the right repairs can be done.

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What causes the OEM battery on a 2011 Nissan Altima to occasionally drain overnight so that the vehicle has to be jumped?

There are two possible reasons for this. One is that the battery is defective. A cell going dead on a Nissan battery is fairly common and this can result in the intermittent starting problems. This issue often does not show up on a load test. The other reason is a parasitic drain that occurs when a system or systems remain on even after the vehicle is switched off, leading to the battery draining. This is not a common problem on this model. A voltmeter should be hooked up to check for excessive battery drain when the vehicle is off. If found, the fuses should be removed one at a time. When removing a fuse causes the voltage to drop, that is the circuit that is causing the problem. If nothing is found, the battery is probably defective and needs to be replaced.

Why do the battery and brake lights come on at the same time in a 2005 Nissan Murano?

This is a sign that the battery is weak. If the battery is not old or faulty, it is probably caused by an alternator issue that results in the battery not charging properly. Have the alternator checked and if an issue is found, replace it. It is preferable to have a new alternator installed by a dealer. In general, aftermarket alternators from stores or independent shops do not last long.

What additional checks or tests should be done when replacing a Nissan alternator?

The battery should be checked. A failing Nissan battery can cause alternator failure as it will not achieve full charge which results in the alternator charging nonstop. Checking voltage with a meter is not enough. The battery should be fully charged and load tested to ensure that it is in good condition.

Could steadily dropping battery and alternator voltage be the reason for a Nissan Murano to start normally and then die after a few minutes?

Case Details: The voltage test was done because the vehicle keeps cutting out and restart is possible only after the engine cools down.

If the alternator light illuminates when the key is inserted in the ignition switch but before the engine starts, that is a sign of an alternator problem. The dropping voltage serves to confirm this. The drop in battery voltage is probably connected to the dropping alternator output. Bench test the alternator and if found defective, replace it.

Why does a Nissan Altima not start and the alarm sound and not shut off after the battery was changed?

Case Details: Reprogramming the remote does not solve the problem.

Once the battery has been replaced, the alarm must be manually disarmed before reprogramming can be done. To do this, put all the windows up, lock the doors and trunk and ensure that the hood is closed. Then manually cycle the key in the driver’s door lock to disarm the alarm. Once this is done, the system can be reprogrammed.

Why does a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE3.5 still not start after the loose battery cable that caused the problem was tightened?

Case Details: When an attempt is made to start the vehicle, relays inside the dash click and the starter also makes a clicking sound.

The clicking sound from the relays and the starter are signs of low battery voltage. Since the cable was loose, the battery may not have been charging properly and is now weak. Remove both the battery cables and clean all the terminal and connection surfaces. Replace the cables and fully tighten them. Jump the vehicle and after it starts, allow the donor vehicle to remain connected for about 15 minutes. Disconnect the donor vehicle and try staring the Pathfinder. If it starts, the problem has been resolved.

What could cause a 2012 Nissan Altima to suddenly go completely dead after being switched off for a short while?

Case Details: The engine will not crank, the dash lights and gauges do not come on and there is no sound from the engine. The vehicle was running fine until this happened.

If the vehicle is completely dead, it is probably a battery or connection issue. Check the connections at the battery terminals for looseness or signs of corrosion. If found, tighten/clean as required. Also, check the cables for any signs of damage. If no problems are found, the battery has probably failed and will need to be replaced.

Why does the radio on a Nissan Maxima SE not come on after a new battery was installed?

Case Details: There is power to the unit since CDs can be ejected.

Since there is power to the radio, it is not likely to be a fuse issue. Often doing a hard reset after replacing the battery will activate the system. To do this, disconnect the negative cable from the battery and leave it off for 10 minutes. Then reconnect it. If the reset has worked, the radio should now be functional. If not, the wiring and circuits will have to be checked to find where the problem is.

Dealing with Nissan battery problems can be frustrating because of the complexity of the electrical system. As this article shows, the range of battery related issues that may arise is vast. The guidance of verified mechanical Experts can help you to know what is wrong and what actions are required to fix the problem. The Experts on JustAnswer can be contacted online to give you customized answers to your questions. 

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