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Mercedes Battery Questions

A car battery is a rechargeable device that helps power the car with electric energy. Most batteries in cars are made of high quality to ensure better performance. However, it is also important to maintain the battery well to get the most out of it. However there are times when a battery will die regardless of how it was maintained and can cause a vehicle to have issues. Owners that drive the Mercedes have faced a few battery issues and have had questions. Listed below are a few of these questions on Mercedes batteries answered by the Experts.

Where is the battery on a Mercedes GLK350 (2010) found?

This is located in the engine bay on the passenger side. Look for a large black plastic cover used for the intake of the heater. Un-clip this and remove it. Below the cover, there should be two bolts that attach the battery clamp to the body.

What would it roughly cost to replace a battery and voltage regulator in a Mercedes C180K (2004)?

Based on retail prices in the U.S., a voltage regulator cost will vary depending on the location the owner is in. This can vary from town to town and state to state. Besides this, replacing a battery would also incur around three hours of labor charges.

If the red low battery light keeps appearing on a Mercedes E350 (2006), does the battery need replaced?

This usually indicates that the backup SBC battery located under the hood is faulty. Open the hood and look for a small black cover close to the fender on the passenger side against the firewall. Take this off as well as the other cover below this to find a small lawnmower size battery below. If the voltage of the battery is below 12 volts, it may be better to buy a new one from the dealership.

How can the SRS Inoperative light be shut off after recharging a dead battery?

Typically, when the voltage in vehicle electronic modules drops, fault codes are stored in the system. Once the voltage is set right either by charging or be replacing the battery, there could be modules left that need to be cleared of the fault codes. To do this, a Mercedes Diagnostic scanner or another professional scanner that is equally compatible may be needed. Once the codes are cleared, the system should work fine.

What is the best way to jump start a Mercedes Benz CL500 (2005) without opening the trunk?

If the trunk can’t be opened, jump- start the car by connecting to the large single wire connector at the alternator and any chassis or engine ground point.

Can a Mercedes Benz CL500 be unlocked without the key when the battery is dead using a coat hanger? Will the alarm go off?

The alarm shouldn’t go off by trying to open the car in this manner since the battery is dead. After gaining access inside the vehicle, try to charge or jump start the battery. In case the alarm goes off, insert the key in the ignition. Once this is done, turn the key to the run position.

The questions above may have clarified a few of the doubts on problems related to Mercedes batteries. However, there could be other queries that are specific to each case that are not mentioned here. Direct these to the Experts to get valuable insights, tips and information both quickly and at an affordable cost.
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