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Dodge Battery related Questions

How can the stored charge be retained in the battery of a car which is not going to be used for a while? What does the battery light when a car is running indicate? What is a battery temperature sensor and why is battery temperature significant? Without the battery a car will not start nor will many systems work. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a close watch on battery performance and that of the alternator and other elements associated with its proper working.

Here Experts answer many questions put to them about Dodge batteries. Read on to know more.

What does IOD mean which appears to be draining a Dodge Battery?

IOD is an acronym for “Ignition off Draw” which refers to the power that is being consumed to power the clock battery even when the vehicle is shut down and the ignition switch is turned off. This parasitic draw, which should not exceed 30 milliamps, can be measured with an ammeter connected to the battery post and its cable. If a vehicle is not used for 21 days the battery should hold good with normal IOD. However if it is likely to be idle for a period longer than that, the IOD fuse can be removed from the Integrated Power Module (IPM) to retain the stored charge in the battery. If the IOD exceeds 25 milliamps the source of the draw should be investigated and corrected.

Why does a Dodge Sprinter battery go dead every two days which seems to be a common problem with this vehicle?

Excessive draw is a known problem with Sprinters which have aftermarket components installed on them. The IOD will need to be checked and its source identified if it exceeds 25 milliamps. The problem could also be caused by the fusible link wire connecting the alternator to the battery. The fuse link could have gone bad and is creating excessive resistance which is not allowing the battery to charge completely which accounts for it going dead so frequently.

What is the proper procedure to remove the batteries from a Dodge 2500 Diesel?

• Turn off the ignition switch making sure that all electrical accessories have been turned off.
• Loosen the hex nut on the clamp of the negative battery post.
• Remove the negative cable from the battery post.
• Similarly remove the positive battery cable.
• Undo the retaining bolt which secures the battery.
• Lift battery out of tray.

Caution: When handling a battery use rubber gloves and wear safety glasses as a precaution from acid and electrolytes.

Why does a Dodge battery light come on even though the car has no problem in starting and running?

When a battery light is on it indicates that there is a problem with the battery which is either overcharging or undercharging. Most often it is undercharging because of a faulty alternator. Other possible causes for the light to come on is if there is a problem with the wiring, connections, battery itself or even the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The cause should be investigated and corrected at the earliest. Begin with the alternator which most often is at fault.

What does the battery temperature sensor do in a Dodge Ram?

The Battery temperature sensor (BTS) is part of the charging system which monitors battery temperature and controls its charge rate. The BTS sends a signal to the PCM so as to adjust the charging voltage appropriately. For example, in cold weather, more voltage may be needed than in hot weather and the PCM makes the needed adjustments. The BTS is also an element in OBD II diagnostics. Based on BTS inputs OBD II diagnostics are enabled or disabled. Typically at below 20⁰ F all OBD II monitors are disabled.

What is the reason both batteries on a Dodge truck run down even though the alternator appears to be charging?

Whether the alternator is charging or not, and whether it is charging at the required rate is indicated by the gauge. When the engine is running the gauge should indicate a charging rate of 14V which drops to around 12.5 when the engine is turned off.

However, in this case it could be that one battery has a dead cell which is causing the problem. Another possibility is that the diode in the alternator is bad and therefore unable to provide a proper charge. A bad alternator diode will not be able to control the direction of the charging voltage and will discharge the batteries.

There is nothing worse than a new battery which does not retain its charge. Many car owners impulsively believe that the problem is a bad battery which needs to be replaced, but this is not always the case. There are many factors which impact battery performance including the alternator and a steady electrical leakage. For Dodge battery problems, what they are due to and how best to solve them, always ask an Expert.
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