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Chrysler Battery Problems

Are you having trouble keeping a Chrysler battery charged? Are there error codes relating to the battery that you need help deciphering? Do you need troubleshooting tips regarding the battery in your Chrysler? To know more about other Chrysler battery problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

After a Chrysler battery replacement the convertible motor top keeps running, how can it be reset?

Most likely the module has locked up. In order to address this issue, disconnect the Chrysler battery and rub the cable ends together. This will help discharge any capacitors. Leave the battery disconnected for approximately 10 minutes then reconnect it and the module can be tested to check if the problem has stopped.

What could prevent the car from starting after the Chrysler battery was replaced, even with the key in the crank position, the dash and head lights work?

In this case, the first step would be to check the Chrysler battery using a voltmeter placed on the battery while the engine is cranked. If the volts drop below 9.6, the battery is defective and needs to be replaced. Prior to doing so, it should be ensured that the cable connections (positive and negative) are secure and clean at the battery, starter, engine and frame. If this is fine, while cranking it should be ensured that both terminals of the starter have voltage. In case full battery voltage is present (12.6 volts) but the starter is not working, it could be faulty, needing to be replaced. A battery which is completely charged, should possess sufficient cranking capacity to provide the starter motor and the ignition system with enough power to start the engine across a broad range of ambient temperatures. Sometimes the battery could be faulty or low on charge. In case the Chrysler battery is defective a “no-crank” condition can arise even though it is completely charged. It is also recommended to have it load tested at a shop or battery store. This load test can verify the actual cranking capability of the battery. Apart from this, the small, regular and large fuses under the hood and inside the vehicle should be inspected. The other possible faulty components are a faulty neutral position switch, ignition switch or a wiring/connector problem.

Why does the Chrysler battery light remain on while the engine is running?

If the battery light remains on while the engine is running, it can imply that the charging system is either overcharging or under-charging the Chrysler battery. If any abnormal noises, such as squealing, are heard it would be better to visually inspect the belts and pulleys to ensure nothing is damaged or missing from there. Or if the alternator is not being driven properly by the belt as this can be a hindrance for proper charging. The next step would be check for fault codes which could have set in the system. In case a code reader is not available, large parts stores can allow the use of their readers free of charge. These codes can help determine whether the battery is over charged or charging below capacity. It should be noted that the diagnosis of the problem should happen while the light is on. Other possible causes could be a defective Chrysler battery, cables, connections, the alternator, wiring and the powertrain control module. The problematic alternator is one of the most common cause for charging problems.

What is causing the Chrysler battery on the PT Cruiser to randomly die, the digital parts on the cluster do not work and the odometer reads “error” after the Chrysler battery was jumped?

PT Cruisers are notorious for battery problems due to the close proximity to the engine. The battery is essentially the main component of the electrical system. A weak battery has a tendency to confuse the car’s computers and result in problems with the cluster readings, as described above. Even if the engine starts, the battery could be weak or faulty. Therefore in this situation, it would be wise to approach an auto parts store to have them test the battery. If the Chrysler battery fails the test, it should be replaced. Sometimes, the Chrysler battery replacement can fix everything however this may not be the case. If the problem persists, the fuses in the fuse box should be examined.

Chrysler battery related problems are quite common on many occasions. This is one area in which many car owners may feel comfortable to troubleshoot or attempt a diagnosis. As detailed above, Chrysler battery problems can be several and the value of Expert information can go a long way in prognosis and subsequent solution of the problem. You could be facing different Chrysler battery problems than the ones mentioned above and an Expert’s guidance can assist in answering questions, quickly and reasonably.
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