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Cell Phone Battery Problems

Cell phone batteries are probably one of the most essential components of the cell phone which allows it function properly. A cell phone battery is usually lightweight and rechargeable. These batteries can last for at least 8 hours once fully charged and if used normally, as per stipulations.

To know more about common cell phone battery problems and cell phone battery repair, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

How can the error 200 on the Blackberry 9930 be fixed?

To address this error 200 on the Blackberry 9930, a reset may need to be completed. To do so, the cell phone battery needs to be removed. After 50 seconds, the cell phone battery can be reinserted. After allowing another 2 to 3 minutes, the “Power” button should be held down for 10 seconds. If this does not help, the Blackberry Operating Software (OS) may need to be reloaded. The instructions are mentioned in the following link: blackberry instructions. Prior to reloading the software, a backup of information of the Blackberry can be taken through the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Despite reloading the OS if the problem persists, the service provider may need to be contacted.

Why does the iPhone 3GS keep shutting off when the cell phone battery is at 55%?

Resetting the iPhone 3GS may help regain normal functionality of the cell phone battery. To complete the reset, the “Sleep/Wake” button and “Home” should be pressed and held simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. The LCD display should clear and the Apple logo would appear against a black background. When this logo appears, the reset is complete. If this does not help, any pending updates should be checked for and downloaded. This is to ensure that iTunes and the OS are completely up-to-date. If this is unsuccessful as well, then a restore option would need to be carried out. This will delete all information from the cell phone which can be backed up if synced with iTunes.

The charging connector is broken on the LG VX 9900 G cell phone, is there a way to charge the phone?

It may be necessary to purchase another cell phone battery or another phone to be able to charge this cell phone battery. There are options available on the net where this cell phone battery is available for as low as $5 with free delivery. In such a case, it would be wise to purchase a new cell phone battery. Place it into another phone and use applications such as the Verizon “My Backup Assistant” to back-up all the contacts you wish to save. Once complete, the phones can be exchanged.

Why does the Droid operate very slowly despite deleting or closing programs using the “task manager” application (app) and eliminating feeds?

Applications such as task manager tend to use more cell phone battery life. Though their purpose is to kill the open applications, they get reopened themselves. Thereby shortening the cell phone battery life with the constant usage of the phone’s CPU. If this task manager program was absent, the open applications would remain idle in the background. This is done without using cell phone battery life until they are actually being used. Deleting or having a large number of applications may not influence the speed or the cell phone battery backup, unless all are being used. In order to tackle a feeble cell phone battery life, after backing up the data from the phone, a factory reset can be completed. This will help clear the cache and restore default settings. It will also eradicate any “rogue” application which was continuously using the CPU and draining the cell phone battery life.

What are the root causes for poor cell phone battery backup on the Blackberry 9300?

Some of the main causes which can result in poor cell phone battery backup is as follows:
1. GPS being turned on especially in poor coverage areas and the Google maps app, depending on coverage location and whether aiding is turned on
2. Blackberry podcasts, RSS feeds or new applications
3. Back light timing being set for two minutes or longer. 30 seconds is an acceptable time
4. Profile settings of vibration, ringtones and LED indicators for every text, call or alert

The cell phone is as good as its battery because the battery is indispensable. Typically cell phone battery life is highly dependent on the usage and settings on the cell phone. Battery related issues can be many and proper diagnosis should be made to ascertain whether the problem is with the battery or cell phone battery charger. In order to troubleshoot and follow a methodical process to arrive at the problem area, Experts can provide information and guidance to resolve the problems quickly and affordably.
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