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Bandwidth Problems

What is bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the data transfer rate within a band of frequencies or wavelengths in a computer network. In other words, it is mainly the volume of data per second an internet connection can handle. The speed/rate of bandwidth is gauged in terms of bits per second (bps). An internet connection with a larger bandwidth can move/download/share larger amount of data in less time than an internet connection with a relatively lower bandwidth. System or network failure and a significant drop in the signal strength can hamper the bandwidth rate. Bandwidth rate/speed provided by the internet service provider can be checked by running a test against a close by server by logging in to Listed below are some relevant answers provided by Experts on bandwidth and its related problems

I need larger bandwidth. What should I opt between switched network and hub network?

A switched network provides more bandwidth as it is capable of sending or receiving information at the same time. Whereas a hub network just acts like a repeater and cannot send or receive data at the same time. Another reason of switched network’s efficiency is that it identifies the intended recipient/computers of the data it receives/transmits. Whereas, a hub network slows down the bandwidth speed as it does not recognize the intended destination of the data it receives and ends up sending it to all the computers connected to its network, thus leading to the network congestion. So, it is usually better to go for a switched network for larger bandwidth.

What are the best routers that can increase the bandwidth of my internet connection?

Basically, it all depends on the speed at which it comes from the internet service providers and personal choice. However, you can opt for some high end routers like N300 or N600 from Netgear which would increase the bandwidth reach up to 150 to 200 feet. Or you can also look for routers of other brands identified as ‘802.11b’ or ‘802/11g’ category. In addition to this, you can always check your network adapter in your computer in another network if you experience a significant fall in your bandwidth. Finding the best router is often a choice or a preference.

How do I restrict the bandwidth usage for the guest network using my Apple Airport Extreme Router? I have Comcast Cable broadband connection with a 20MB down and 500kb up speed.

With an apple airport extreme router, you cannot do the multicast rate setting as it would affect the entire base station instead of a particular network; in your case it is the guest network. To deal with this, you can set the specific channel used by the guest network to "b" only or "g" only or "n" only (2.4GHz) or a "b/g" network. This procedure will limit the bandwidth usage in the guest network to some extent. However, to have full control over bandwidth allocation to several networks, you should go for routers like E3200 or E4200 of Linksys.

How to calculate the bandwidth requirement for an hour long live event which is streamed over internet with an encoding rate of 22 kbps for 1500 total and 1200 concurrent listeners?

In this case, the encoding rate of 22kbps is the bandwidth rate which a single stream needs. To calculate the required kilobits of bandwidth in this case, you have to multiply that with the number of concurrent listeners. Then divide the result (kbps) by 1000 to convert the same into mbps.

How to limit the bandwidth to a computer connected wirelessly as it slows down the speed and I am not able to get right speed when that particular computer is in use. The router in use is a WRT 54GL v1.1 Linksys.

Most probably, the other computer is used to download applications or games of high volume and that is why is slows down the bandwidth to your computer. To resolve this issue, you have to have both the MAC addresses; the target computer and your computer. Then log into the router webpage ( using your computer. Go to the ‘status’ tab and select ‘local network’. Now click on the button to view Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) lease to find out the target computer’s name from where you can extract its MAC address. The next step is to enable the Quality of Service (QoS) by clicking on ‘application and gaming tab’. Then set your MAC address as high priority and the other one as low priority and save the changes. Next time onwards, your computer will have greater bandwidth.

Bandwidth rate/speed always depends on the internet service provider. You have to have larger bandwidth to share/download/stream files of higher volumes at a faster rate. Any other software or devices like router and firewalls etc between the modem and your computer could slow down the bandwidth. This apart, multiple computers downloading large files also eat up the bandwidth. However, one should always seek an Expert’s advice to handle such issues.
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