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What is a Balance Sheet?

The financial statement of a company that lists its assets and liabilities is called a balance sheet. The shareholder’s equity at any given point in time is also listed on it.

Is the net income that is reported on the balance sheet the same as what is reported on an income statement?

The net income that is reported on the balance sheet of a company should be the same as the net income reported on the income statement as it is normally derived from the income statement itself.

What can one do if the net income on the balance sheet is different on the income statement?

First, check if the trial balance levels and ending balances are all correct. Also, check if the ending ledger balances are correctly reported on the profit and loss accounts and make sure that no entries are omitted.

Where should one report service revenue on the balance sheet?

The service revenue is not reported on the balance sheet. It is normally reported on the income statement under the revenues section. However, if the revenue is received before the service is performed, then it may be reported on the balance sheet as a current liability. In such a situation, the revenue may have to be earned within a year of reporting it. Such revenue may be called deferred service revenue.

Is it required for all the liabilities and assets to match on a balance sheet?

Yes and if there are any profits in the firm, then they will be reported under the retained earnings section of the sheet.

Can a balance sheet be used to calculate the rate of return on an investment?

The balance sheet will only list the company’s assets and liabilities. If an individual wants to calculate the rate of return, he/she may use the income statement.

What is the difference between an unclassified and classified balance sheet?

All of an individual’s assets, liabilities and equity are grouped together on an unclassified balance sheet. All the assets will be grouped under the asset grouping, the liabilities under the liabilities grouping and the equity accounts under the equity grouping. A classified balance sheet is where the assets and liabilities will be further broken into current and noncurrent groups. The equity will be divided into capital, additional paid-in capital and retained earnings.

Can accounts like accounts payable and payroll liabilities be reported to balance out a monthly balance sheet?

An individual may report accounts like these to balance out everything.

What is the difference between a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement?

A balance sheet reports the company’s assets, liabilities and equity at any given point of time whereas the profit and loss statement will report the profit made by the company. This will include any revenue and expenses of the company over a period of time. 

A balance sheet is very important to report a company’s financial assets and liabilities. It is also crucial for tax purposes. Therefore, you should be able to understand how a balance sheet is created and what needs to be reported in it. You can ask an Expert if you have any doubts about the creation of a balance sheet or any of its other aspects.

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