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Bad Conduct Discharge

A bad conduct discharge is a discharge that can be given in a court-martial. It is given as a punishment to enlisted members in the defense services. In some cases, it is followed by imprisonment for a period of time. The Experts can answer your questions about bad conduct discharge, bad conduct discharge benefits, bad conduct discharge consequences and other issues related to the military law.

Experts answer a lot of questions about bad conduct discharge. Given below are the top questions related to the issue.

Can an Airman, who has been given a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD), overturn this decision?

If an airman receives a bad conduct discharge, they will also receive an automatic review by the service court. If this review is not in the individual’s favor and the BCD is executed, then the individual may request the Air Force Board of Corrections for Records to upgrade the discharge. This can be accomplished only if the individual gives a strong reason to prove that the BCD was an inappropriate decision.

Can an Individual with a Bad Conduct Discharge serve Jury Duty on a Federal Jury?

If an individual receives a bad conduct discharge from a special court-martial, then the decision may be regarded as a misdemeanor. A conviction of a federal misdemeanor does not prevent an individual from serving on a jury. He/she can serve on a jury either in a state or federal court.

Can a person with a Bad Conduct Discharge own a gun?

If the bad conduct discharge was given at a court-martial with more than one year of imprisonment, it may be considered as a felony. In such cases, an individual will not be permitted to own a gun.

Can a BCD with a Criminal General Court-Martial be upgraded?

If the general court-martial was a criminal general court martial, it cannot be upgraded. The decision cannot be reviewed by any board. However, the individual can request for a presidential pardon or go through a clemency board. If the clemency board does not change the decision, then the decision cannot be upgraded without a presidential pardon.

Will a Bad Conduct Discharge from the Marine Corps have an impact on an individual’s employment in non-military companies?

Whether a bad conduct discharge from the Marine Corps impacts an individual’s employment chances depends on where the individual is seeking employment. If he/she is applying for a government job or a job in a large corporation that knows the significance of a discharge, it may affect the employment chances. However, the individual may appeal to the Board of Corrections for Naval Records for an upgrade in the form of clemency.

Will a Bad Conduct Discharge from a Special Court-Martial be considered a felony?

A bad conduct discharge from a special court-martial may not be considered a felony. In most cases, a felony is a crime that allows a punishment of one year or more. A special court-martial allows for a maximum punishment of one year or less.

It is important for individuals who get a bad conduct discharge to know as much about it as possible. Experts can provide information about bad conduct discharge and its details. Ask Experts for information about bad conduct discharge, military discharge, court-martial and other military law related issues.
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