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What is Baby Bird Food?

Baby bird food is food that is designed to take the place of what the mother bird would generally give. This is made to replace or make sure they get the nutrients and supplements that are needed to grow. When a baby bird is orphaned, food may be given to help with the growth and overall health. Read below where Experts have answered questions and concerns for others.

What kind of food and how often should an orphaned wild bird be fed?

It is recommended that the baby be fed with Exact baby bird mix. The food can be found in most pet stores. Mixing and feeding directions can be found on the bag. In most cases, baby birds need to be fed every 2 or 3 hours.

If a baby bird is learning to fly and is on the ground, should food be offered?

In most cases, it is better to leave the bird alone. It may not be safe to try and feed the bird, because the baby may not have learned to eat from its parents. This could cause the bird to choke on the supplement food.

How to get a baby bird to eat and what kind of bird food should be fed?

When trying to feed an orphaned bird, prying the mouth gently open with something soft may help to start the feeding. Starter formula food or softened cat food may work as baby bird food for a short amount of time. Once the bird gets the taste for the food, then prying the mouth open may become less frequent and the baby may hold its own mouth open by itself.

What at home substitute can be given to a baby bird until it can be taken to a wildlife expert?

One can try to feed dry cat food that has been soaked in water and made into a paste. This may need to be fed to the baby every two hours. This type of homemade baby bird food should only be given until the bird is able to get proper food from a wildlife professional. In some states, only a wildlife expert can feed a bird when the bird is wild.

What is too hot for baby bird food and what can happen if it is too hot?

When feeding a baby bird, the temp of the food should be slightly warm. If the food is too hot, the crop of the bird may get burned, preventing it from being able to keep eating. Using a thermometer to test the temperature of the food is one way to ensure this. It should not reach a temperature above 102 degrees.

Baby bird food is given to ones that are orphaned or being hand raised. The nutrition that the baby needs to grow and survive on can only be found in certain kinds of food. Therefore, baby bird food is made especially for babies. This can cause questions to arise regarding feeding times, temps or even amounts. When answers are needed, an Expert may provide answers.

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