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Hyundai Azera Problems

What are some signs that a Hyundai Azera alternator is going bad? What to do when the original key does not enter the key cylinder? What could be the problem when a starter motor spins but the engine will not start? How could one improve the mileage being given by a Hyundai Azera?

Hyundai Azeras are reliable vehicles which rarely come up with problems, but when they do owners could be stumped for answers. A way to overcome this is to ask an Expert. Read on to see how some owners have had their questions answered by Experts.

Should the timing belt be replaced on a ’07 Hyundai Azera which has reached 90,000 miles

Neither the 3.3L nor the 3.8L 2007 Hyundai Azeras have timing belts. Both models use timing chains which are replaced on an as needed basis. The schedule specifies no particular mileage as a change is called for so infrequently.

Why does a Hyundai Azera battery go dead every couple of days or so?

The problem may be with the alternator which should deliver at least 13.7 volts. If however the alternator is delivering less than 13.5 volts it needs to be replaced.

Also check the fuses from the battery to the alternator. If all is good so far, check that all connections from the battery are clean and secure as well as those from the battery to the starter and ground

What are error codes P0463 and P2068 on a Hyundai Azera and how can these be fixed?

P0463 relates to the Fuel Level Sensor circuit. Possible causes are:
• A damaged fuel level sensor connector
• An open or shorted fuel level sensor signal circuit
• An open fuel level sensor to ground circuit
• A bad fuel level sensor

P2068 relates to the Fuel Level Sensor ‘B” High Input. Possible causes are:
• A damaged fuel level sensor ‘B’ connector
• An open or shorted fuel level sensor ‘B” signal circuit
• An open fuel level sensor ‘B’ to ground circuit
• A bad fuel level sensor ‘B’

If any parts need to be replaced, it is strongly recommended that only original parts are used.

What is the solution when the regular key does not enter a Hyundai Azera?

If the key is not able to enter the ignition cylinder it generally suggests that there is a problem in the key cylinder where some tumblers could have become stuck, are binding together or have failed entirely. The solution is to spray the cylinder lightly with a light lubricant and try the key again. If this fails then the cylinder itself might need to be replaced.

Why would a Hyundai Azera refuse to start though the starter was spinning?

If the check engine light did not come on then it suggests that the problem might be due to the crank sensor which will impact the spark and fuel injector pulse. Another possible reason this could have happened is if there was a problem with the fuel pump. If both these parts are replaced, it is unlikely that the incident will be repeated.

Why does a Hyundai Azera give distressingly low mileage and what can be done to improve it?

Here are some steps to take:
• Ensure all four tires are properly inflated to 32 psi
• Use Techron fuel injection cleaner in the tank which will clean out the fuel injectors
• Replace the spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and transmission fluid

If no trouble codes are set then the car has no major problem to worry about. The cause of low mileage should easily be resolved.

When trouble codes are present some owners get extremely flustered, not knowing what they refer to. The best way to understand Hyundai Azera error codes and how to handle them is to ask an Expert.
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