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AV Receiver Problems

What is an AV Receiver?

An Audio Video Receiver is used to connect and switch audio and video resources in a home theater system. The source of an audio video receiver could be a DVD player, VCR, camcorder, digital music player, etc. An audio video receiver also decodes surround sound formats; amplifies audio signals to power multiple speakers and provides user interface to the home theater system. It may also include an AM/ FM tuner. Many times when connecting electronics a person may run into issues and need to ask questions for further help. Mentioned below are some of the commonly asked questions about the issues related to audio video players and the answers to the same.

If a one year old Pioneer VSX-820 AV receiver and AM stops audio transmission to the speakers, what can the user do to check if the unit is defective?

The user may use a pair of headphones to plug in and out numerous times which works as both a test and a mend since the headphone jack contains a hidden speaker cutoff switch inside. The FM mode needs to be set to AUTO/DIRECT and/or STEREO/ALC and a reset needs to be done. The factory defaults would be set and should remove any malfunction or configuration errors once the reset is done. The user needs to note that the reset does not mend any internal hard drive issues, if any.

If someone wanted to connect a Pioneer SX 1900 AV receiver, a Zenith 42 VCR and a Sony DVP-SR200P DVD player to a Sony NSX-24GT1 TV; how could this be done?

The red, white and yellow cables from the DVD player need to be connected to the TV on the chosen source. The same needs to be done for the VCR too. If there is no cable to connect the antenna to the TV, a coax connection may be used. To connect the TV and AV receiver, a digital optical cable can be used. Once the AV receiver is connected to the TV, the TV’s internal speaker needs to be turned off and if necessary, the digital optical out needs to be turned on. The AV receiver set could be left turned on and be used with either the DVD or the VCR on the TV since all are connected.

What could cause a new Pioneer VSX-521 AV Receiver to have a indicator light glow with no audio?

The glowing light on the tuner indicates that it is operational; no sound being heard could be due to defective functional selection IC. This repair usually cannot be done at home and since it is a new AV receiver, a warranty service could be done if it is within the warranty period. Before getting the AV receiver repaired, a resetting may be done following the user manual as this could solve the issue. If this doesn’t help, it is good to leave the AV receiver unplugged overnight before taking the AV receiver for repair.

How would someone troubleshoot and repair a Denon 1803 AV receiver that does not send out any audio when the power button is switched on, however the lights on the connected speakers glow?

The user needs to unplug the AV receiver for 60 minutes, plug it back in and check if the AV receiver is working. This process resets the processor and may fix the issue with the AV receiver. The user then needs to check the speaker wires for possible breaks (in the wire)/ if the wires are feeble or worn out. The user needs to ensure that the wires are not in contact with the chassis of the AV receiver. If all these are clear, then the user needs to disconnect the speakers and switch the power on and off, a few times. If the AV receiver powers up, then the user may try connecting the speakers individually and if any of the speakers turns the AV receiver down, then that speaker needs to be checked with a multi meter. It is expected to read between 4 and 8 ohms. If the AV receiver does not power up, the speakers may be dysfunctional and hence is causing a break in the wire sue to which the power is down. If the AV receiver shuts down with no speaker connected or does not power up, then there could be an issue with the transistor or capacitor and the unit needs to be serviced. As with any other electronics when a new or an old AV receiver does not work the way it should, it could cause a person to get frustrated and need answers to questions to help troubleshoot or perform AV receiver repair. Since not everyone is up to date with the technology more information about the technical know-how of the AV receiver, how they work and for solutions to issues related to them, one may need to ask an Expert.
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