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Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

In offering a pet treatment for their symptoms a diagnosis may be necessary in guarding against what could be a fatal autoimmune hemolytic anemia or other uncommon diseases found in dogs. When an unresolved cause of bleeding in one’s pet is not a result of injury or trauma it may be necessary in seeking treatment as a life threatening disorder such as autoimmune hemolytic anemia symptoms can include bleeding from a pets eyes.

What is autoimmune hemolytic anemia?

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is a result when one’s antibodies destroy their own red blood cells in causing them to burst which can lead to a deficient plasma concentration. AIHA is relatively a rare condition. These antibodies directed against high incidence antigens may also act on red blood cells that may be replaced through outside sources through blood transfusions. This destruction can reduce one’s red blood count regeneration at an accelerated rate from a normal 100 – 120 days to a few days which can be fatal if untreated. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

A Maltese that has autoimmune hemolytic anemia is being treated with a regimen of prednisolone and pepto acid, can the pet owner give milk thistle to aid in the protection of the dog’s liver?

In autoimmune hemolytic anemia treatment the medications offered may be hard on a pet’s liver. In supplementing with the milk thistle this may offer added protection and safeguard against side effects to the liver brought on in treating autoimmune hemolytic anemia symptoms. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia may be triggered by something that stimulates the immune response that may allow the destruction of its own cells. An infection contracted by your pet may have triggered this discrepancy and imbalance of the immune system. An exact autoimmune hemolytic anemia cause may not be determined but it may be best in making your veterinarian aware of any events or changes leading up to your pets autoimmune hemolytic anemia diagnosis in the event of a recurrence.

An adult dog has been diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia which is causing the red blood cells to be destroyed. The dog is currently being treated with antibiotics and Prednisone. What is the usual prognosis for this disorder?

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia may also be referred to as Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. Though this can be more common in some smaller breeds (terriers, cocker spaniels, schnauzers, etc.) larger breeds are not immune to this disorder. Determining the underlying autoimmune hemolytic anemia cause may offer a complete recovery in eliminating the cause when credited to medications, infection or environmental attributes that may have triggered your pet’s symptoms. If the cause is unnoted then a prognosis may be difficult to determine in that some cases may recur.

A dog treated with thyrozine for symptoms of lethargy, vomited and lack of appetite died. In reducing the dosage of thyrozine there was a short period of improvement then symptoms returned and worsened. Could this have been a contributing cause of the death of my pet?

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia may have been the initial cause of your pet’s symptoms. This can be fatal if undiagnosed and untreated upon onset of symptoms. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia symptoms may rapidly increase causing the body to start developing antibodies against its own tissues. Special testing is required in an autoimmune hemolytic anemia diagnosis and can be very costly. In treating a hypothyroid condition with thyrozine would likely not harm a pet. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia symptoms can be difficult to diagnose and treatment may often be unsuccessful.

What could cause an elderly dog to bleed from the eyes?

First call of order may be to eliminate a possible injury or trauma that may have caused this symptom in one’s pet. If the pink gums of your pet are whitish in color this could be a sign of anemia. Other causes for a small bleed to the eyes may be an autoimmune hemolytic anemia disease or liver disorder (similar to hemophiliac in humans). As an autoimmune hemolytic anemia diagnosis can be fatal a diagnosis and treatment by a veterinarian is deemed necessary in offering your pet a curative option.

When symptoms and signs are misdiagnosed it can be very frustrating and heart wrenching when it results in the loss of our pet. Many canine diseases can be misdiagnosed as mirrored symptoms and cost of testing may contribute to a misdiagnosis of many diseases including autoimmune hemolytic anemia. In offering our pet a diagnosis and treatment immediate attention to their symptoms may unfold an underlying cause in offering a curative option in treatment. An Expert may offer insight of diseases that may involve symptoms a pet is experiencing in getting prompt direct attention for a sick pet.

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