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Auto Insurance Questions

Auto insurance is an agreement made between an individual or group of people and an insurance company. The person/group agrees to pay premiums (payments) to the insurance provider. The insurance provider then provides compensation for future accidents or losses as a result of an accident. While insurance coverage for all drivers is required by law, some auto insurance policies are not. Each auto insurance policy will list the specific coverage that is offered as well as the amount of compensation each policy provides. Below are just a few auto insurance questions that have been answered by Experts.

If I had auto insurance in California and sold the main car on the policy, but kept paying premiums, would it offer coverage on a rental if there was a transfer provision in the policy?

It is almost impossible to determine whether or not a policy will provide coverage without reading the policy in its entirety. This is why the answer to this question cannot be considered a complete answer due to the lack of reading the policy. However, usually when an insurance policy is being used for a rental car while you are making payments on your personal car, the policy should cover the rental car even after you sell your personal vehicle if the premiums are still being paid. As long as you don't attempt to make claims for damages to the sold vehicle, the insurance company will probably continue to honor your current insurance coverage.

In a third party auto insurance claim, does the other insurance company have to pay for the rental insurance waiver? Is it covered under the loss of use rights?

Generally, the other person's insurance company won't be responsible for the insurance on a rental vehicle in a third party auto insurance claim. However, your current coverage on your damaged car will carry over to the rental car. The rental is a replacement vehicle to use during the time that your personal vehicle is being repaired.

Many people purchase the collision damages waivers, thinking it will somehow provide protection from using their own insurance. Actually, this is a secondary coverage to your insurance. This means the collision waiver only begins after your insurance coverage is depleted. If you read the fine print on the collision waiver, you will find this provision.

The law doesn't allow people to recoup expenses for insurance coverage on rental cars as a claim of loss or personal expenses when making an insurance claim.

Can my son be personally responsible for damages that exceed his policy limits? We received a letter stating that he would. Should we hire an attorney?

You won't need the assistance of an attorney just yet. The first thing to do is contact the insurance company that carries your son. You son should make sure that his insurance company will back him in the event of a lawsuit. Some insurance companies will choose to pay the policy amount and back out, allowing the person to face the lawsuit alone. However, if your son's insurance company is going to stand behind him, they usually provide an attorney. Another thing, if there isn't an actual lawsuit, retaining an attorney this early would be an un-needed expense.

Will my insurance company cover a car accident in my car if the person driving my car isn't on my insurance?

Usually, if a car insurance policy holder carries full coverage insurance, the insurance company will cover the repairs for both vehicles involved. Many times a person who has permission to drive a policy holder's car will be covered by that auto insurance. The other party to the accident will probably send a list of body shops that have been chosen for the repairs to their vehicle. If you haven't heard from your auto insurance carrier, you may want to contact them to see where the claim stands.

I reinstated my auto insurance last month. I normally have full coverage but the agent only put liability coverage on my car. Unfortunately I had my first Accident and the insurance company refused to fix my car. What can I do?

If the agent issued liability insurance to your coverage when you requested full coverage, you need to confront the agent who issued the policy. You may be able to negotiate a resolution with the insurance company to have your car fixed and install full coverage on your policy. If the insurance company is not willing to fix the situation, you could threaten to sue for damages. However, this is only an option if you instructed the agent to provide you with full coverage auto insurance. If you requested liability auto insurance, the agent isn't at fault and the insurance company would only be expected to pay for the coverage of your policy.

Auto insurance is an important component of owning and driving a vehicle. A person who drives without auto insurance protection not only faces potential personal liabilities but legal issues as well. There is an array of insurance policies for auto insurance. Before you take the first policy you find, you should ask an Expert for more insightful information on the best choice for your personal needs.
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