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Auto Accident Laws

Auto accident Laws are a set of laws and statutes created by the law enforcement authorities to overlook the legal aspects of an auto accident. Auto accident Laws can cover a variety of legal issues that may be related to auto accidents. It is important for individuals to know these laws so that they know what kind of legal steps they need to take if they have ever been involved in an auto accident. It may not always be possible for individuals to research auto accident laws on their own. Given below are some of the common auto accident law questions that are asked by people.

Can an auto accident report be amended if there is an error in it?

In most situations, the police officer who created the auto accident report may not be bound by the Auto Accident Laws to amend the accident report. However, if there are errors in the report, the individual may contact the officer who had created the report and request that he/she change the report stating that there are errors in it. This may not ensure an amendment in the report as the officer may still not be obligated to change it. A change in the report may depend on how well the individual is able to convince the officer to amend it.

Would the Social Security Income of an individual be used to satisfy a judgment if he/she does not have any other resources to satisfy an auto accident judgment?

According to Auto Accident Laws, if an individual does not have any resources to pay the settlement in an auto accident case, this individual may be considered to be judgment proof. What this means is that even though this individual has lost the case, the judgment may not be satisfied as the individual does not have responsibility to pay the other party in the accident. His/her Social Security Income may not be used for the settlement as social security income may be exempt from creditor action.

What kind of an attorney should an individual hire if they want to sue for injuries caused in an auto accident?

If an individual wants to sue another party for injuries caused in an auto accident, this individual may need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney to do so. This individual can also contact their Local County Bar Association for referrals of various Personal Injury Attorneys.

What is the statute of limitations to sue for injuries in an auto accident?

The auto accident statute of limitations may vary from the different states within the United States. In some states like Colorado, the statute of limitations to sue for injuries caused in an auto accident is three years from the day that the injuries were caused.

Can an individual be compensated for emotional distress caused in an auto accident by the at fault driver’s insurance company?

In some situations, the insurance company of the at fault driver in an auto accident does not have to compensate the other party for only emotional distress caused in the accident. However, the individual can also sue the driver, the owner of the vehicle as well as the insurance company and can include pain and suffering along with physical injuries and other damages in this lawsuit.

An auto accident, as traumatizing as it may be, involves a lot of aspects. Besides the medical treatment and property damage, you may be required to take certain legal steps as well in order to sort out the situation. Failure to do so can cause you more trouble. In such a situation, not knowing what to do can lead to a lot of frustration and confusion. The auto accident laws and rules may differ depending on your situation and state of residence. It may be very difficult for you to find information about auto accident laws on your own. You can ask an Expert if you need answers to questions regarding auto accident laws pertaining to your jurisdiction.
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