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ATV Accident Questions

ATV accidents may be common in many parts of the US. There are laws outlining certain rules and rights for people who own ATVs to help them in case of an accident. It is important to know these laws if an individual owns one or has been in an accident. Given below are questions about ATV accidents that are commonly asked by people.

Who is responsible for an individual’s medical expenses after an ATV accident?

It may be considered to be the individual’s responsibility to make sure who accesses the ATV and who does not. Since the neighbor got injured on the individual’s property, he/she may be responsible for medical expenses.

Would an individual be responsible if their tree fell on another person and his/her ATV?

The property owner may be considered liable for any kind of damages the neighbor may have suffered and damage to the ATV. This is because the individual may be duty bound to maintain the tree since it is on his/her property. The neighbor may sue the individual’s home owners association and may also claim compensation for his/her damaged ATV.

Is it legal to drive an ATV on the streets in Arkansas?

Laws regarding ATVs may vary from state to state. In Arkansas, it is legal to drive an ATV on certain streets if it is insured and the individual has complied with the vehicle codes.

Can an ATV owner have other riders sign a waiver to avoid liability in case of an injury?

The owner may get a general waiver signed by the people who may ride the ATV. The waiver may state that riding an ATV is dangerous and the people know all the risks involved. It may state that the people who ride it are responsible for any damages caused to the ATV and any injuries that they may get while riding it.

Would the parents of a 16-year-old child be responsible for an accident if their child was riding someone else’s ATV on a third person’s property?

In most of the situations, the parents may argue they are not responsible for any damage as they did not own the ATV.

What would happen if an individual’s auto insurance and home insurance policy refuses to pay in an ATV accident judgment?

In this case, the individual may not owe anything. Once the other party gets a judgment from the court, they may do an asset search to see if the individual has any assets from which they may get the payment. If the individual does not have any assets, they may not have to pay anything regardless of what the judgment is.

It is important to be aware of your rights and obligations regarding ATV accidents. It may be time consuming and difficult for you to do all the research. You can always ask an Expert for more information on the legal aspects and to know what to expect.

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