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Attorney General Questions

Attorney General is a title for a person who is a legal advisor to the government. An Attorney general represents the country in legal matters and is the head legal counsel for his/her government. In order to obtain a job as an attorney general, the person must have a law degree. Below are a few questions that are often asked regarding attorney generals and have been answered by Experts.

Can a business sue the state of Texas and the Attorney General?

A business can sue the state of Texas and the Attorney General. However, there is no guarantee that the business will win a lawsuit against either entity. The outcome will generally depend on whether the suit being filed carries any merit and if the defendants can offer a strong defense that may stop the suit, such as the statute of limitations being expired. Also, the Attorney general and the state of Texas may fall under the protection of some form of government immunity.

I owe the NY state attorney general's office $1,640. The debt was for school loans. I am a student and unemployed and can't pay this. Do I have any options?

The NY Attorney General is considered a creditor in this situation. However, if you don't have the money, they cannot force you to pay.

That being said, the Attorney general can choose to sue you. There is also the possibility that they would refuse to let you graduate until you finish paying the loans off. While being unemployed is a reason for not paying the debt, it doesn't remove the fact that you owe the debt. You may try contacting them and letting them know that you haven't been working and that you cannot pay on the debt at this time. You should be aware that they may not let you graduate until you have satisfied the debt.

At this point, you may consider trying to work with them and ask them for a deferral until you are working again. Even if you find a part time job, it would allow you to start paying on the debt.

The Attorney General has seized my checking and savings accounts. They are suing my husband over an oilfield related issue from 10 years ago. Is there anything that I can do? This happened without warning two days ago.

It appears that the Attorney general has seized your accounts to satisfy the debt from 2001. While the money in the accounts may primarily be your money, anything with your husband's name on is considered liable. One option would be to hire an attorney and file for special relief through the court. Your reason for filing could be that you were not a part of the matter in 2001 and you feel that it is an injustice for your money to be affected by this. While the court may agree to release a portion of the accounts to you based on equity, anything that has your husband's name on it is considered fair game. The Attorney General may file a rebuttal on the grounds that the garnishment is fair.

I am being harassed by the Attorney General (AG) in SC just for asking him to stop some ads that were targeting seniors. How does an honest citizen in SC protect themselves from a crooked Attorney General? I am under investigation by the AG because I filed a complaint.

The reason for an attack against you is unclear if you are a private citizen. It is not a common occurrence for the AG to investigate a person for filing a complaint. People file complaints daily and are not under investigation for it.

If there is nothing more to this other than the AG harassing you for filing the complaint, you may have a case against the AG. At this point, you should consult a local attorney to review the information that you have pertaining to the AG. You have every right to file complaints about poor business practice in your state and should not be exposed to harassment for doing so.

The Attorney general is a legal advisor to the government. Many people file complaints with the attorney general when they have legal issues with businesses for using poor business ethics. If you have questions or issues pertaining to an Attorney general, you should ask an Expert to assist you with the problem. An Expert can offer suggestions that will help you resolve any issues and answer any questions you may have.
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