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Questions about Attempted Murder

What is attempted murder?

Attempted murder can be construed as the failure of a human being from killing another human being. Stabbing a person could be considered attempted murder but merely pointing a knife at someone would not be. Attempted murder is more than preparations to commit murder; there is a specific intention to kill. Uncertainties of what attempted murder is or what the penalties for attempted murder can be often lead to questions like the ones that have been answered below by the thousands of Experts.

I have an adult child who is in jail charged with attempted murder. I have paid for a public defender that has yet to speak with my child. My child has yet to have a preliminary hearing. What can be done to get a different attorney to handle the case?

Having an incompetent attorney could be grounds to vacate a guilty verdict if the case was to go to trial and the individual would lose the case. Every individual is entitled to a speedy trial. It is a right that can be exercised if chosen. If an individual feels that their attorney is not adequately representing them they can petition the court to be relieved of counsel. This would then free up the individual to hire another attorney.

My spouse was falsely arrested for an attempted murder and three trials later was found not guilty. How do we go about suing the county?

If your plans include suing the county you will need to do so in a timely fashion or else you could be prevented from possibly being able to get any recovery from the situation. You will need a civil lawyer to file a notice of claim. In essence you would be suing for wrongful arrest/malicious prosecution.

What are the penalties for attempted murder in California?

In California there is not a set penalty for attempted murder. The range of penalties can be anywhere from 1 year to life in prison to death. Self-defense related attempted murder could be 1-10 years. Premeditated attempted murder ranges from 10 years on a 25 year sentence or could be death if the murder was of a child or minor. The penalty will depend upon the circumstances of the case.

Does the attempted murder charge exist in Texas?

The phrase attempted murder will not be found in the Texas Penal Code. Texas Penal Code Title 4, Chapter 15.01 applies to an individual who attempted to kill another individual. It is labeled as criminal attempt. This section applies to all attempted felonies, including murder which will be found in Title 5, Chapter 19.

Knowing the right kind of information and clearly understanding attempted murder can help when faced with situations that involve attempted murder. Experts can help answer what attempted murder is or what penalties can be incurred for attempted murder. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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