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Questions about Dog Attacks

What is a dog attack?

When a human or even another animal is bite by a dog this is referred to a dog attack. A dog attack severity can range from a minor bite to a fatal attack. Dog attacks are very common due to the fact that dogs and humans are very close in a daily manner. Home insurances largest payouts are because of dog attacks. Continue to read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding dog attacks.

Why does my dog attack me for no reason?

Dominance aggression is a condition where the dog thinks that it is the boss of its owner. It sounds as if that is what your dog is thinking; the dog may think that they are the alpha dog. The dog is sweet and nice as long as you are doing just as the dog wants you to do. To a dog laying on you is not affection but a sign of dominance. So as soon as you do something such as try and get up when the dog is laying on you the dog attacks trying to show it is the boss. The dog is trying to correct your behavior as if you are stepping out of line such as the dog would do with another dog. By attacking or a nip at you the do is taking control back

Why would a dog attack the neighbor’s chickens?

Sound like your dog is presenting prey aggression, this is very common is most breeds of dogs. It can be very hard to train you dog to break its instinct but it can be done. To do this your dog will need to already have basic commands learned; the other option is a head collar or halter so that you can have a better control over your dog. You may need to learn how to distract your dog’s attention away for the chickens so that the dog does not become obsessed with the chickens. You can teach your dog to just ignore the chickens. With that being said you may need to go outside every time you let your dog out and reward it only if the dog is calm while outside.

Would getting a dog neutered help with the dog attacks? Can medication help with the dog attacks?

When you have a dog neutered it tends to calm the animal down a lot it may help with the attacks from the dog and will surely help with training the dog to not attack you or anyone else. This is not to say that the dog attacks will completely stop all together. The neutering should be done as soon as possible. As for medication to help with the attacks medication can’t change the dogs personality, you should try spending quality time training the dog so you have control over your dog. Teaching your dog simple commands will show your dog that you are in control and then the dog will know what you expect of it.

What could cause a dog in heat to attack another dog that has lived in the same house for over a year that never paid attention to each other?

If the dog is in heat most females become much more aggressive than normal. There may not have been any problems between the dogs that you could see; but dogs can tell each other things with just subtle movements that a human may not notice. The dogs may have never got along; they must just not have acted on it until now. With the hormones that the dog was experiencing may have set the dog off. You may want to have to dog looked at to see if the dog has brain tumors, abnormal blood sugar, or liver disease.

Dog attacks are very common and can happen at any given time. Dogs can attack for what a human thinks is no reason but the dog thinks it has perfect reason. Many owners think that because their dog attacks someone or something that they have done something wrong. You can find more information about dog attacks by asking a dog veterinarian.
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