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ATSC Tuner Related Questions

Advanced Television Systems Committee or ATSC tuner is a form of television tuner that receives digital television channels. These channels or signals are broadcasted over the air from various television stations in the United States that use ATSC standards. They can also be termed as ATSC receiver or HDTV tuner. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to ATSC Tuner that has been answered by the Experts.

Is my Sanyo Aquos TV able to pick up new digital broadcasts in Canada?

In this case, your TV would not be able to pick up new digital broadcasts over the air as there is an old analog NTSC tuner in your TV. Therefore, in order to pick up digital antenna signals in North America, your TV would need to have an ATSC tuner. In order to get that tuner, you can click on This website would serve as a relevant example in your case. Moreover, there has been a digital switchover recently due to which an ATSC tuner is now needed for new television sets. For more information on this matter you would have to go to page thirty four on the manual at

I have a Sony HDTV. How can I get my TV to tune channels in?

In this case, you would notice that the tuner type on your TV is NTSC. Therefore, due to the digital switchover, you would need to use an ATSC tuner instead of NTSC to get a picture on your TV over the antenna. However, if you want to get your TV to tune channels in properly, you would need to have a DTV converter box for your television set. You can get such boxes from various electronic retail stores. Once you get a converter box, all you would need to do is connect it between the antenna and your TV set. This should perform the tuning for the channels.

My RCA ANT 121 indoor antenna does not tune channel thirty two even after being plugged in. I connected it in to the seventy five ohm connector, but nothing happened. My TV is an old model. What should I do?

To begin with, all new television sets nowadays would require an ATSC tuner for a proper broadcast. This tuner would allow these TV sets to receive new TV signals. Therefore, in a case like this, all you would need is an ATSC tuner converter box for your television to be able to receive the new TV signals. You would find these signals to be directional and therefore, there is a possibility that they might get obstructed by buildings. Therefore, if you are using the indoor antennas, you might face some reception problems. This is because indoor antennas usually do not work properly if they are located more than ten miles from the TV station transmitter. Therefore if you want it to function well, it is very important to know how close are you to the TV transmitter. Moreover, the channels of these new TV sets nowadays use virtual channel numbers. For instance, channel thirty two would be represented as 32-1 or 32.1. Now, if you want to buy an ATSC tuner converter box, you should be able to get that from various electronic shops like Best Buy, Radio Shack, and so on to name a few.

The ATSC tuner is an in-built component in the standard television sets that receive audio and video signals from over the air television broadcasts. These tuners can be integrated into electronic devices like televisions, DVR’s, BluRay players, set top boxes and so on. The ATSC tuner receives the TV signals either through the antenna system or from cable boxes. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to ATSC Tuner, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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