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Atrial Enlargement Questions

What is atrial enlargement?

Atrial enlargement is when the left or right atrium of the heart becomes larger than what it may be considered to be normal. In some cases, atrial enlargement may affect both of the atria. If an individual suffers from atrial enlargement, then there may often be many questions regarding the causes, treatment as well as possible cures. Read below to find many commonly asked questions regarding atrial enlargement that has been answered by Experts.

If a person thinks that they may have an atrial enlargement, what kind of test should the person have done?

In some situations, when an individual has heart issues and they have an echocardiogram done, the echocardiogram may show that the individual may have an atrial enlargement. In some individuals, there may be no sign of an atrial enlargement, which only may be seen with an echocardiography.

What causes atrial enlargement and what tests should the person have done and how often?

In some cases, there may be many different causes for a person to develop atrial enlargement. Some causes may be mitral stenosis, aortic stenosis or even systemic hypertension. Some individuals may have no symptoms with the atrial enlargements; however there are some individuals that do and may need to have an echocardiography (EKG) performed in order to fine the cause of the enlargement. If the echocardiography does not show any signs of the cause for the atrial enlargement, then the individual may want to have the test performed every three months.

Why does a doctor do an EKG to diagnose atrial enlargement and what may happen if the doctor does not see an atrial enlargement?

When a doctor is studying an EKG in order to see if a person has atrial enlargement, the doctor may be looking for a certain wave within the heart known as a P-wave. In some cases, the images that are shown on the EKG may help a doctor see if there is indeed an atrial enlargement. If the doctor does not see any type of enlargement, there may be a chance that the doctor may have seen a sign that atrial enlargement may occur without any form of treatment.

Can atrial enlargement from high blood pressure or valve problems be reversed and can damage to the heart be reversed as well?

In some people who have experience atrial enlargement, then this condition may be caused by high blood pressure or even valve problems. If the person is seeking treatment for the high blood pressure or valve problems in a timely manner, then there may be a chance that the atrial enlargement may be reversed as well as any damage that may have been done to the heart.

When a person has atrial enlargement, then there may be an issue of the person having other heart issues as well. When a person has atrial enlargement, then the person may have questions regarding how to treat the atrial enlargement, if the atrial enlargement is curable or treatable, or even if other heart issues may contribute to the atrial enlargement. When a person is in search of answers to the questions about atrial enlargement, then the person may want to ask an Expert.
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