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Questions about Atopy in Dogs

What is atopy in dogs?

Atopy may be better known as Atopic dermatitis; this disease may be an inflammatory skin disease. Typically this disease may be connected to allergies; this may be one of the most common skin diseases in dogs. There may be a few certain things that onset atopy in dogs these may include, grass, dust mites, mold spores and other allergens in the environment. Typically a dog may show signs of atopy in between the ages of 3 months to 6 years. The signs of atopy may be mild at first then may worsen as time goes on.

What are the common symptoms of atopy in dogs?

A dog may have symptoms of atopy but the symptoms may not always be the same each time. One time a dog may be affected in one area and the next in another area. The most common symptoms may include but are not limited to. Around a dogs eyes The ears may be tender Biting at the wrists Ankles may become swollen The nose may become runny The groin area may be itchy The underarms may be hot or itchy A dogs toes may be swollen or itchy in between them

What are the main causes of atopy in dogs?

Atopy may be the irregular reaction of a dog’s immune system when introduced to an organism or substance out in the environment. Typically these substance or organisms may not cause an allergic reaction to a normal dog. There may be several different causes of atopy in dogs these could include but are not limited to, grass, weeds, pollen, certain plant fibers, certain molds, household cleaners, grains, insect bites, dander from animals, dust mites and chemicals. These may be a few triggers of atopy, for more information over atopy in dogs such as, what medications treat atopy in dogs or can atopy be prevented in dogs. Read below where an Expert has answered the frequently asked questions over atopy in dogs.

What is used to treat atopy in dogs?

In some cases a vet may advise giving a dog Benadryl to help treat atopy in dogs. This may be given at around 1 milligram for every pound the dog weighs. Benadryl may be found in liquid or tablet form which may be different sizes. Typically the best way to give Benadryl to a small dog could be liquid form and a large dog the tablet. Usually Benadryl may be given around every 8 hours. Hydroxyzine is another medication that may be given to help treat atopy. The only downfall to both medications may be that only a few dogs may improve form an antihistamine alone. Typically a vet may prescribe some type of steroid such as Temaril-P and or a shampoo.

What could cause a dog to have black patches of skin and hair missing on the legs?

Typically when a dog is experiencing black patches of skin, this could be from constant irritation. In some cases when a dog is constantly irritated from something this could be atopy. This could have a simple solution, by taking the dog to the vet and have a skin culture done. Atopy in dogs may be better described as an allergic reaction to an uncommon source. This may mean that a dog is allergic to something as simple as grass. Some dogs may be allergic to many different substances. Many owners may worry upon finding out that their dog has atopy and have several questions. These questions may include, are there home remedies for atopy or can a dog have serious long term affects from atopy. These questions and many others may be answered by an Expert.
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