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Tax Assessor

What is a Tax Assessor?

A tax assessor is a person that has the duties of breaking down the tax laws and regulations to figure how much of the taxes are to be paid for a particular transaction. Tax assessors play an important role when it comes to associating with government agencies on situations that involve tax laws. The tax assessor provides the funding for government activities that go on in that particular area. When tax season rolls around, many often wonder how their property gets assessed for taxes, what rates are they going to pay and who makes those decisions. Many times these questions alone can spur other questions that a person may feel the need to contact an Expert on the subject. Read below where Experts have answered questions pertaining to tax assessment and tax assessors.

How long does a county tax assessor have after the person purchases a property to reassess it before Proposition 13 goes into effect in Pumas County?

Proposition 13 doesn’t have a set time that decides when it goes into effect; it is always in effect. The Property taxes are allowed to have 1% of the properties market value and can only receive 2% increases every year. The question that was asked really focuses on reassessment process. Reassessments have to be finished at the time of transfer of the property. In Pumas County, the person will have to file an appeal in order to case reviewed.

How can a person buy tax sale properties?

If a person plans on purchasing real property at a tax sale price then the person will have to bid on the property that is in the auction. The Statutes of Limitations doesn’t allow a person to buy tax sale property from another person at all. The property can only be bought by the person that wants it. The person that buys the property should also prepare a written statement saying that the purchaser doesn’t owe money for delinquent taxes from the past or present. There is a process in order to get the written statement; the purchaser must have a legal request from the tax assessor that’s has everything that the purchaser owns. The properties could be old and it also could be things that are currently owned.

If a person receives a property tax exemption form from the county assessor of San Bernardino County, CA where the person lives. What does this mean?

The value of property is decided by a tax assessor and the assessor decides how the property tax is figure out and collected by the Treasurer-Tax Collector. If the person received this form then the person may not have to pay the property tax. On the other hand, another option is to seek the local tax assessor to make sure that the form was not given in error.

How can a person calculate the value of business property that was inherited in 1964 in order to calculate capital gains?

The person will have to obtain a tax assessor for the time period of the tax properties during the 1960 time frame.

Tax Assessors are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly when it comes down to providing tax rules and regulations to the tax payers. Often time, tax assessors are looked upon as the bad person in the equation. What are Tax Assessors? What are the duties of a Tax Assessors? People have a different question that confuse and baffles the brain all the time. Experts are here to help with questions about Tax Assessors.
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