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Artificial Insemination Related Legal Questions

What is artificial insemination? How does artificial insemination work? What is the artificial insemination procedure? When people are faced with these or other legal questions about artificial insemination, they often ask Family Lawyers on JustAnswer for their Expert opinion and legal insight. Listed below are five of the top artificial insemination questions answered by Experts on JustAnswer.

If someone is in a relationship with a married man would the wife’s consent be needed to have a baby through artificial insemination in the state of AZ?

So far in the state of AZ there’s no law stating that a person has to have a wife’s consent. It can be treated as being similar to a man sleeping with another woman and them having a baby. In most cases there are no legal reasons that the husband should ask for the wife’s permission, this would usually be a matter of his choice. Similarly, if the wife was to get pregnant and didn’t want to keep the baby, the husband wouldn’t normally have a say because it’s not his body, so it would usually be seen as the wife’s choice not the husband’s.

Can a mother get financial resources from artificial insemination (donor)?

If someone were to take this case to court, the judge usually would not grant a paternity for inheritance, especially if the agreement was made prior to the actual donation. They wouldn’t normally have legal recourse to events that occurred after the artificial insemination procedure. They should both have a written artificial insemination contract and uphold it. Unless, they were to get written documents from the donor stating they want to take responsibility and cancel their contract.

If someone has a artificial insemination during a marriage and the father signed the birth certificate is he legally the father?

In most situations he is recognized as the child’s legal father since his name is on the birth certificate. He would also be required to provide child support in this condition. If you have questions like this, or are facing other questions regarding legal issues related to artificial insemination, ask Family Lawyers on JustAnswer for their legal insights and Expert opinion.

If a lesbian couple in the state of Oregon was expecting a child, could both women put their names on the birth certificate?

When artificial insemination is performed, the two women in the state of Oregon may grant “parent-parent” birth certificates. Many times the birthing hospital may have the correct documents that may need to be filled out for parent-parent birth certificates. One may need to check with the hospital to make sure of this. When you have a “parent-parent” birth certificate the child will then be protected under the Oregon state laws. This method may not be recognized by other states, so it would be advisable to check your state laws. You can also ask your state-specific questions to Family Lawyers on JustAnswer.

What is the artificial insemination procedure and success rate for a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome?

In most instances, medical health, fertility issues and age may reflect the success rate of artificial insemination. In most situations, during a woman’s cycle the couple has a 5%-20% chance of having a baby. If the mother chooses to take fertility drugs, her chances are could be towards 20 percent.

Artificial insemination is a very diverse topic with legal implications that vary from situation to situation and state to state. Family Lawyers Experts on JustAnswer can help answer state specific questions and provide legal insight on your individual situation with regard to artificial insemination.
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