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What is an Arrest Warrant?

Arrest warrants are official documents issued by a judge authorizing the arrest of an individual. The arresting officer must notify the individual they have a warrant, the reason for it and to show the individual the arrest warrant if it is reasonable to do so.

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Is a German arrest warrant for a non-violent crime for a German national valid in the US?

This is generally determined by the treaties between two countries. An arrest warrant isn't usually issued for non-violent crimes but it would depend on the nature of the crime. In order for Germany to extradite a person, they would have to formally request the extradition through the US State Department. If Germany has the correct documents and the person’s offense warrants an extradition under the treaty between Germany and the US, it would take a US judge to issue a US arrest warrant for the person in question.

What should a person do after receiving a civil arrest warrant in the mail for a collection of debt?

Case Details: The person never received a notice of a court date.

Usually, in many counties in the US, when a person fails to appear, instead of an arrest warrant, a judge will issue a civil arrest warrant, but rarely act on it. This is generally used as more of a threat tactic to get you to appear before the judge. You may want to speak with a criminal attorney. He can contact the sheriff's department and explain why you failed to appear and see if there is any chance that you could go before the judge to have the arrest warrant vacated (removed). If you are allowed to go before the judge, you would then explain why you didn't appear. After hearing your reason, the judge may vacate the arrest warrant.

Could an arrest warrant cause a problem for someone coming back into the US from Mexico?

This would depend on whether or not the arrest warrant has made it into the national database yet. Sometimes it can take from 6 -12 months for the arrest warrant to appear in the database. Arrest warrants are usually entered into a state database and a national database if it is a state felony or misdemeanor charges. You would probably run into trouble when your name is checked by US Customs/Immigration officers when you return from Mexico. If your name is in the database, you will probably be arrested.

Does Canada extradite back to the US due to a warrant for back child support?

Because this is a non-support, it is very possible that you could be extradited. The reason for this is there is a reciprocal agreement on child support enforcement. Actually, it will depend on whether or not the US court that issues the order stated that they would extradite. In the event that you attempt to cross the border, you would be arrested and returned to the state that issues the arrest warrant.

Is a three-year-old misdemeanor arrest warrant valid even though the person has lived in the same house without being served?

Generally, an arrest warrant will remain active until it has been served. However, if you have lived at the same address and you are just now being served, you may have grounds to file for a dismissal. Generally, case law would be on your side as far as dismissing the warrant. Also, this is a misdemeanor charge, not a felony.

Arrest warrants are issued by a judge for the arrest of an individual who has committed a crime. Generally, when a person is arrested, they are aware of the charges against them. However, there are situations when a person is unaware of a warrant or charges. In a case such as this, seeking the legal insight of an Expert could be a wise option.

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