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Arranged Marriage Related Legal Questions

Arranged marriages have been in practice for centuries and are a common practice in many cultures. The arrangement is usually performed by parents, a matchmaking agent or a third party. In some cultures, religious leaders or priests play a large role in the match making. Many people enter arranged marriage willingly out of an obligation they feel towards their family. However, some arranged marriages can result in disputes, disagreements, marital problems and can even end on an unhappy note. When that happens, there could be legal complications that can give rise to legal questions. Below are the top questions about arranged marriages, answered by Lawyers on JustAnswer.

Do US courts recognize an arranged marriage completed in a foreign country?

Usually, the answer would be yes, as long as you can submit evidence of the arranged marriage. This could be in the form of a marriage license or some form of documentation to show the court that the marriage occurred. The questions about the legality of an arranged marriage usually arise during divorce proceedings. In such situations, the court would have to decide if the arranged marriage is valid or not. If the court does not recognize the marriage, it may even result in annulment of the marriage.

How does one go about proving the bona fide nature of an arranged marriage?

With an arranged marriage, there may not be a marriage license to show that the couple has been married. Usually the couple will use photographs taken during the wedding and reception. Affidavits from family and friends affirming the authenticity of the marriage are also used in some cases. Some courts can insist on authentic documentation with an official certified English translation. When these steps have been taken, the bona fide nature of an arranged marriage can be established in court.

How difficult is it to get out of an arranged marriage when there is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement usually doesn’t restrict the ability to get a divorce, however it could restrict the distribution of marital assets upon divorce. In most states, even for arranged marriages, divorce laws respect the provisions of a prenuptial agreement. However, every situation can be different and the laws can vary from state to state. One way to determine the legal provisions in your case is to ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswer.

What is the youngest age allowed for arranged marriage in the United States and can the marriage be contested?

The age limit on arranged marriage in the United States is sixteen, with parental consent. However, both parties have to consent to the arrangement. If both parties do not consent, the marriage may not be valid and may be annulled upon either party’s petition to the court. Also, if there is evidence of coercion, then the arranged marriage may be contested. You could bring the details of your case to lawyers on JustAnswer. Their assessment of the particulars of your case and expert opinion can help you determine your legal standing.

Can a person use psychiatric evaluations to prove their sanity and avoid an arranged marriage?

One of the reasons for an arranged marriage that’s often cited is the mental incompetence or insanity. This provision can sometimes be abused where a person is forced or coerced into an arranged marriage on the grounds of insanity. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can usually use a psychiatric evaluation as evidence of their sanity. If there is no medical evidence to suggest that an adult is mentally incompetent, they are not obligated to “be placed” with anyone.

A marriage is a legally binding relationship that can have many legal implications. Marriage laws in different states may vary with respect to arranged marriages. When faced with marital complications, many people are unsure of who to ask or where to turn with their questions about arranged marriage. If you have questions about arranged marriage or other aspects of marriage law you could ask a family lawyer on JustAnswer for quick and affordable legal insights.
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