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Army Regulations

What are Army regulations? What is the United States Army regulations as well as how does the Army discipline regulations work? These are some of the questions that come to mind when dealing with army rules and regulations. Many times when someone has a question of this nature, they can ask the Military Lawyers. See below a few of the top Army regulation questions have been answered by the Experts.

Is it required to take an Army Physical Fitness test while deployed?

In most situations, the decision would be up to the chain of command to determine whether the Observation Post (OP) tempo allows the taking of a Physical Training (PT) test while deployed. Sometimes the PT test is based on mission timeline, other times they are exempt due to security issues.

What is the ARM’s regulations are there pertaining permissible prescription medications?

If someone has a prescription from their doctor, there is no problem taking medication that is legally subscribed. Keep a copy of the prescription so if there is a drug test and it comes back positive it can be proven why it is showing up in the body and via the drug test.

Do post regulations supersede army regulations.

In most situations, a post regulation cannot supersede Army regulations. Since Army rules and regulations differ from post regulations as well as civilian law. In many cases an individual may be able to talk to their Commanding Officer when questions like these arise.

What are the army regulations that covers underage drinking?

Underage drinking is prosecuted under governing state laws. However, if a military person violates a state law, this individual can be prosecuted under Art 134, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Many times the commanding officer will issue an order of violation that can be prosecuted under Article 92, UCMJ.

Will the Army recognize a person that is named as Executive of Estate if the two parties are not married?

In many cases, since wills are mandated by state laws, the Army normally does not have a right to specify the contents of the will nor regulate who is the Executor of the Estate. Further, there is no requirement that an executor is related to the testator (person making the will) or that the executor is married to the person named on the will.

Since civilian law differs from Military law, many times army rules and regulations are often misconstrued and even confused. Many people are in the Military or has a family member in the Military often have questions regarding army regulations, but seem to have no answers. By asking the Expert’s you can get your questions answered fast and promptly.
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