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Army Pay Questions

What is Army Pay?

Army Pay is money that is paid to the members in the United States Armed Forces. The different amounts of pay can vary depending on the member’s rank, time spent in the army, the member’s location of duty assignment, and often times because of other special skills that the member may have. Read below where Experts answer questions regarding Army Pay.

In the state of Illinois what part of an active duty service member has army pay included in child support percentages?

All active service members’ army pay is included in the child support percentage, except for taxes and FDIC contribution. In the state of Illinois the child support guidelines is an idea of each person’s net income. In the state of Illinois, child support is based on a percent of the income of the non custodial parent and how many children that parent is responsible for supporting. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act’s guidelines state that:

One Child: 20% of net income
Two Children: 28% of net income
Three Children: 32% of net income
Four children: 40% of net income
Five Children: 45% of net income
Six or More Children: 50% of net income

What can a service member do if they have not received army pay for three pay periods?

If the service member has talked to their commander, and the commander will not do anything the next step would be an Article 138 Complaint. An Article 138 is the most powerful rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but it is the least used by military personnel. In the Article 138 it states that “any member of the armed forces who believes himself (or herself) wronged by his/her commanding officer” can request redress. If the redress is refused a complaint can be made and a superior officer must look into the complaint. Subjects that are appropriate to address under the Article 138 include discretionary acts or error by a commander that harmfully affected the member personally and is:

In violation of law and/or regulation
Clear from legitimate authority of the commander;
Subjective, impulsive, an abuse of judgment or that is clearly unfair.

Is Army pay from retirement deductable from unemployment benefits?

Retirement is still considered income, so the state can and will consider this income. The state has the right to deduct any income that someone in receiving retirement when the state pays out benefits.

Can soldiers pay their way out of the army if they want to leave sooner?

There is no way a soldier can buy their way out of the army. In the United States, service member volunteer to enter the military force, but after their enlistment, soldiers are required to serve out their contract length. There is no way to pay off their contract early.

There are many army pay issues that can turn into legal army pay questions. If you or someone you know is having army pay issues, don’t hesitate to contact a Legal Expert. It is better to ask someone who has more experience than to take these matters into your own hands.
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