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Armed Forces Questions

What is the definition of Armed Forces?

The armed forces are the different branches of military that a country uses in its line of defense. The armed forces are in place to further the domestic and foreign policies of the country that they belong to. The armed forces are also in place for countries to protect themselves from inside and outside threats. There are countries that include paramilitary forces in their armed forces as well. The use of armed force to achieve political objectives by armed forces is the definition for most armed forces. If a person has any further questions concerning the armed forces they can ask the Experts or a local recruiter.

If a potential soldier is taking medication for mental health reasons, can he/she still enlist in the Armed Forces?

The only thing that may stop the potential soldier from getting in is the reason for taking the medication, not the medication itself. With the economy in the shape that it is in the recruiters are not giving waivers for things as easy as before, and the “issues” that the medication is prescribed for may not let them recruit the potential soldiers into the military.

If a soldier is taken to a court martial, is he/she guilty until proven innocent?

A court martial, like any other court of law, holds true to the thought of the person being innocent until proven guilty.

Can someone joining the armed forces when having a misdemeanor conviction, also can they be entitled to financial aid?

Technically, in misdemeanor cases they can obtain a waiver depending on the type of crime. In the present day waivers are rarely granted. Depending on the recruiter, the recruiter may grant the waiver when the armed forces are having a shortage. Most financial aid forms won’t look at the conviction. Some forms for financial aid will not allow a person to get some funding like Pell grants if the offense is drug related.

Would a potential soldier be eligible to join the military if he/she has a felony conviction on their criminal record?

In today’s economy, it will be very difficult for the potential soldier to join the military. There has been a rush of enlistment lately due to the economic crisis and the recruiting offices have been more restrictive on handing out waivers that in the past. The best thing for the potential soldier to do is, contact the governor of his/her state and try to get the conviction expunged or pardoned.

When a person decides that the armed forces is the way they would like to go in their life, they may come across some issues or questions that may cause them confusion or concern. The potential soldier may have background issues that he/she would need to address or concerns on how to address such issues. When the potential soldier finds themselves in this position and having these types of concerns then consulting the Experts or a Recruiter might be the best way to get the advice that he/she needs.
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