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Apple Mouse Related Questions

Is your Apple mouse behaving erratically? Having trouble working on your Mac because of mouse issues? If you need any help related to Wireless/Bluetooth mouse troubleshooting or repair, the Experts can guide you while providing reliable and affordable help. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the Apple mouse.

Why does double-clicking on a mouse connected to a Lyon show text instructions instead of opening the clicked item?

The mouse interprets clicking towards the right side of the mouse as right clicks, sometimes even when your middle finger may hover over that side. The right click or the 'secondary click' is enabled by default. To disable it, just uncheck 'Secondary click.' The action of the secondary click can be simulated by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking on the item.

What are the steps to connect a standard wireless mouse to an iMac using the keyboard?

  1. First, switch the mouse on.
  2. Combination keys Ctrl+F2 (or Fn+Ctrl+F2) must be pressed to open the Apple menu.
  3. Press the 'Down' arrow till you reach 'System Preferences' option.
  4. Pressing the 'Enter' key will open 'System Preferences.'
  5. Press Ctrl+F2 to access the Apple menu again.
  6. Press the 'Right' arrow key until the 'View' menu is selected.
  7. Press the 'Down' arrow key till the 'Bluetooth' option is reached.
  8. Pressing the 'Enter' key will open the 'Bluetooth System Preferences' pane.
  9. Press the 'Tab' key so that you can access the list of Bluetooth devices. Once you are able to select different devices in the list by pressing the 'Down' arrow key, do so until the 'mouse' is selected.
  10. Now, press the 'Tab' key three times till the gear icon below the list is selected. (Ctrl+F7 turns on tabbing inside dialog boxes.)
  11. Press the 'Down' arrow till the item 'Connect' is selected.
  12. Pressing the 'Enter' key now connects to the mouse.

These steps must be completed within two minutes of powering on the mouse, otherwise, you may have to restart the mouse and repeat the connecting procedure.

What can cause a mouse to exhibit sluggish cursor movements?

Some of the reasons for low performance of an Apple mouse are:

  • The base of the mouse can accumulate dust which tends to raise the base from the surface of the table, resulting in inaccurate tracking.
  • The mouse has an opening through which light passes freely, and dust or dirt lodged in the gap can result in sub-optimal performance of the mouse.
  • The mouse works best on solid, opaque surfaces, and a glass or plastic surface can slow the movements of the cursor.
  • Mouse malfunction could also occur due to software issues on the computer it is connected to.

What settings will magnify the screen when pressing the scroll wheel?

You could try the following steps to enlarge specified portions of the screen on hover:

  1. Navigate to Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Universal Access.
  2. Under ‘Zoom’, click on 'Options.'
  3. You can set the scroll wheel to 'zoom' using settings provided in the lower part of the screen.

If these steps do not solve your problem, look for settings under 'Mouse Preferences' that may need to be changed.

Will the mouse work wirelessly from 50 feet away?

No, the standard Apple mouse works using Bluetooth technology, so that distance will be beyond its reach. A minimum of 2.4GHz is required for a mouse with a movable sensor that can achieve your requirement.

If you are a novice Mac user, you may have questions about setting up the mouse and other devices to work with your computer. Experienced users too sometimes face issues with settings related to the Apple mouse. The Experts have seen and solved various issues related to the Apple mouse and are here to help you get things working. Verified Experts are available day or night to answer your Apple mouse questions.

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