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Anxiety Disorder Questions

Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive worrying, uneasiness, fear and apprehension about something or another. These disorders can affect an individual’s physical as well as mental health. People who are suffering from these disorders may have many questions about their symptoms and effective treatments. Given below are some of the commonly asked questions that have been answered by Experts.

What are the causes of anxiety disorders?

there are many different causes of anxiety disorders. the disorders can be hereditary in some cases. An individual an inherit anxiety if one of their parents have it. In some other cases, it can be caused because of brain chemistry. Prescription medications can be given in such cases to alter the chemicals in the brain. Many doctors believe that someone’s personality can play an important role in anxiety disorders. For instance, if the person has a low self esteem throughout their childhood, the likelihood of them developing an anxiety disorder in adult life is higher. Another cause for anxiety disorders in life is someone experiencing abuse, poverty or violence.

What are some of the physical symptoms of anxiety disorders?

Some physical symptoms that an individual with anxiety disorders can experience include but are not limited to:
• Abdominal issues
• Adrenalin problems
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Upper bladder problems
• Issues in the brain
• Bursitis
• Colititis
• Ulcerative problems
• Constipation
• Gastritis
• Headaches
• Herpes
• Indigestion
• Nervousness
• Sciatica
• Skin issues
• Thyroid problems

What are the different treatment options for anxiety disorders?

Some of the common treatment options for anxiety disorders include:
• Cognitive behavior therapy and operant behavioral therapy that is conducted by a psychologist.
• Relaxation training and biofeedback
• Hypnosis
• Acupuncture and acupressure
• Yoga
• Group activities like sports
• St John’s Wart
• Melatonin
• Valerian Root

Are there any supplements that can be used to control anxiety?

There are two supplements that are commonly used to help control anxiety. One of these treatments includes a homeopathic treatment known as Anxiety Relief by Nature Care which gives immediate relief. The second treatment option includes True Calm that uses amino acids, valerian, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

What are the common medications that are used to treat anxiety disorders?

There are various medications that can be given to someone to help control an anxiety disorder. If the individual has short term anxiety, they may be given a ten day course of prescription benzodiazepine tablets such as diazepam and Buspirone. The individual can also take anti-depressants such as paroxetine and beta blockers which can help control physical symptoms such as palpitations and tremors.

How can cognitive behavioral therapy be used to control anxiety?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that combines cognitive and behavior therapy to help treat anxiety disorders. this is conducted by a trained therapist. This therapy involves assessing the reasoning behind the person’s thought assuming that incorrect thinking can lead to abnormal reactions. it also aims to help change the person’s behavior by gradually exposing them to a situation that causes anxiety.

Can anxiety and stress affect a woman’s menstrual cycle?

Severe stress and anxiety can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle in some cases. As long as there isn’t any other symptoms like unusual vaginal discharge, itching, burning, odor or pelvic pain, the individual may not have to worry about the effect on their cycle.

Can dietary changes help control anxiety?

Certain dietary changes can be helpful in controlling anxiety disorders. A diet consisting of fruits, whole grains and tryptophan can help calm a person down. Taking chamomile tea and keeping the body hydrated at all times can also help control anxiety.

How can counseling help control anxiety?

Counseling can be effective in controlling anxiety. An individual visiting a counselor can talk through their entire problem. The counselor will be able to help them to focus on what they want to do and help achieve any goals that are set.

Anxiety disorders can have a negative impact on someone’s physical as well as psychological health and disrupt their everyday life. It is important that these disorders get diagnosed early so that they are treated appropriately. Not knowing much about these disorders can make it difficult for someone to talk to their doctor and get them treated on time. In such a situation, reading all the information that someone can find on the internet about these disorders can lead to further confusion. At such times, individuals can speak to an Expert about their specific symptoms and get the information that they need about anxiety disorders and the treatments.
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