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TV Antenna Problems

A TV antenna receives over the air broadcast signals from various TV stations that are transmitted at various frequencies and bands. These TV antennas are of various types, varying from dipole antennas to loop antennas to even tall tower outdoor antennas. They are connected to the televisions through cables or wires. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to TV Antenna Problems that has been answered by the Experts.

I am not able to connect an HD antenna to my Denon receiver directly? My DirecTV DVR has no antenna input and I don’t want to plug the antenna into my TV. A coaxial outlet on the receiver says FM beside it. What do I need to do?

In this case, there is no in-built TV tuner in your Denon receiver. Therefore, it would not be possible for you to plug the antenna into the receiver. Moreover, the coaxial outlet that says FM next to it is meant for a radio antenna. Therefore, in a case like this, the only way you could fix this problem is by purchasing an external TV tuner. Alternately, you can connect the antenna to the TV and use its internal TV tuner.

My Radio Shack antenna is connected to my JVC TV. However, it doesn’t pick up any signal even after the selection option is changed from Cable to Channel. The TV screen turns blue and displays snow on it. How can I fix this?

To begin with, the TV tuner or the receiver system of your TV is analog. Moreover, since the 2009 digital switchover, over the air (OTA) antenna signals have become digital. That is why, in order to receive OTA signals, you would need to have a digital to analog (DTA) converter along with your Radio Shack antenna, even though the antenna, in this case, could be directly plugged in to the TV. Usually, a converter like this would cost you around thirty dollars. You should be able to get one in any of the retail corporations like Walmart, Radio Shack, Best BUY to name a few.

I cannot find channels through my Mohu antenna on my LG TV. Even the auto scanning couldn’t pick up any channel. On the menu page, it’s set in the antenna mode. What is the problem here?

The problem, in this case, lies either with the tuner or with the tuning circuit as no channel were found even after the auto tuning was done. Therefore, in a situation like this, what you would need is a new mainboard for the unit. Now this replacement could cost you between three hundred and seventy to four hundred and fifty dollars, if you want it to get replaced by a professional. Alternately, you could use a converter box that has a composite/component output on it. You could connect that box to one of the TV’s video inputs, using a composite/component cable. However, the good thing, in this case, would be to connect the box either to component 1 or component 2 on your TV. The converter box, in this case, would work as your tuner.

How can I get my antenna to function on my Samsung DLP TV? I connected my antenna to the port, tried channel scanning but did not receive any channel except for a very weak one.

In this case, you would need an ATSC tuner in your television. What you have here is a NTSC tuner which is an old tuning system. Therefore, you would need to connect your TV and antenna to an ATSC Receiver to receive channels on your TV through the antenna. You should be able to get these receivers from various online retailer corporations like Solid Signal, Overstock, Amazon and so on. Your TV would function properly with these receivers as they are compatible with signals your TV can transmit. However, the weak channel that shows up on your TV could most likely be a low power TV station. These are probably the last TV stations allowed to transmit old analog signals. Usually, these ATSC tuners receive standard definition signals. But for getting high definition pictures, you would need to get a high definition ATSC tuner.

The TV antenna is an important medium for broadcast viewing for those viewers who do not have satellite or cable television services at home. However, these antennas do have their set of problems. These may relate to issues like signal problems, channel interference, ghosting and so on. Sometimes, they may require frequent repositioning if the reception is bad. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to TV Antenna Problems, you may ask a TV Technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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