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Nissan Antenna Problems

There are different types of car radio antennas that are available in the market. The four main types are retractable antennas, whip antennas, satellite antennas, and internal antennas. Installing a good antenna will ensure that you enjoy good signal and sound quality. To know which is the best types of antenna for your vehicle speak to Experts.

Listed below are questions about Nissan antennas answered by Experts.

How to replace the antenna on a 1998 Nissan/Infiniti I30?

You need to first remove the antenna nut and the antenna base and withdraw the antenna rod while raising it by operating the antenna motor. To install the antenna rod you need to lower the antenna rod by operating the antenna motor. You then have to insert the gear section of the antenna rope into place with it facing the antenna motor. As soon as the antenna rope is properly wound on the antenna motor, stop the antenna motor. Insert the lower end of the antenna rod in to the motor pipe. Proceed to retract the antenna rod completely by operating the antenna motor and then install the antenna nut and base.

How do I reattach the antenna from the back window of my Nissan Quest?

If your antenna is broken then you need to pull the flat piece out of the black connector and re solder it to the antenna on the window. If this doesn’t work, you will need to replace the antenna on the window. If you are able to locate a radio installer in your area, they may be able to perform the repair or even replace the antenna.

How do I install a new Nissan antenna?

You need to pull out the plastic part with teeth so you will be able to install the new mast. Once you remove the mast, turn the radio and keep the new mast ready. Turn the radio off while feeding the mast cord inside until it grabs. You then have to turn the mast so that the cord teeth grabs and it pulls right down to the antenna assembly. Proceed to install the top antenna nut and operate it a few times to ensure that it is able to extend and retract fully.

If you are unable to reach the mast cord, then you need to remove and disassemble the motor in order to remove it. You have to remove the side trunk finisher to access the motor. You then have to remove the attaching bolts, drain tube, antenna cable and wiring plug. As soon as the motor is out remove the Phillips head screws, the center nut and carefully separate the plastic body and remove the cord.

How do I replace the power antenna mast on a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder and why does the antenna stay while the motor is running?

To determine what is causing this you need to first inspect the plastic drive gear as sometimes the drive gear breaks inside the motor. If it is broken then you have to disassemble the entire motor assembly and remove the broken drive gear. Inspect the tip. The tip should be rounded or have a tapered end. If it has a flat end then it is probably broken inside and you will need to remove it. To remove the drive gear you need to remove the antenna nut and antenna base and then withdraw the antenna rod while raising it with the operating antenna motor. Inspect the end of the rope for breakage.

If your Nissan car stereo is loosing its reception quality then your Nissan antenna may be loose and need to be tightened. To learn how to install, change or replace your Nissan antenna, speak to an Expert.
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