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Cadillac Antenna Questions

Are you having trouble locating the Cadillac Antenna? Has the antenna become stuck? Do you need troubleshooting tips repairing a broken antenna? The Cadillac antenna can get damaged by unexpected events and should be repaired or replaced. Being unaware of replacement and repair procedures could lead to questions. Read below where questions have been answered by Experts.

Where is the Cadillac antenna in a 2003 CTS?

The antenna in a 2003 Cadillac CTS is built into the rear window defroster.

What could cause the Cadillac antenna motor to keep running and draining the battery?

A broken nylon cable responsible for moving the antenna could keep the motor running. In this case, a new Cadillac antenna would be required.

What is the replacement part number to replace a broken Cadillac antenna mast on a 1998 Concourse?

The GM replacement part number is 88891021, and it costs about 240.00 dollars. It can be purchased from any GM dealer.

What is the procedure to replace a power Cadillac antenna on a 1978 Sedan Deville?

The first step would be to disconnect the negative battery cable. Then disconnect the electrical connector and the antenna lead cable from the support tube. After removing the two screws which secure the upper antenna mounting bracket to the fender, remove the bolt and washers which secure the antenna to the right fender antenna mounting bracket and grommet. Then remove the antenna and splash shield from the car. The escutcheon could be removed by depressing the lock tabs and pushing the escutcheon out through the top of the fender. The installation procedure is the reverse of the removal procedure.

Where is the external RF Cadillac antenna located, and what is the coax antenna responsible for?

The external (radio frequency) RF antenna is located in the back glass just under the rear defrost grid. The coax antenna which connects the antenna in the back glass to the remote control door lock receiver is responsible for receiving the RF communication from the TPM senders and the keyless entry transmitters (for both active and passive functions).

What is the use of the Cadillac console active antenna?

The console active antenna is responsible for transmitting a low frequency challenge to the transmitter in the event that the transmitter does not respond to the headliner console passive antennas while starting. It is also used during transmitter programming events. The keyless entry console active antenna is located in the center console. The console active antenna which is controlled by the RCDLR has a small pocket next to it where the transmitter can be inserted if its battery is dead, weak, or if there is an interruption in the RF signal. If properly inserted in the pocket with the buttons facing forward, the active antenna should always cause the transmitter to respond properly.

What is the procedure to replace the Cadillac power antenna for a 2000 Eldorado?

The first step would be to remove the rear compartment trim. Then disconnect the electrical connectors and the antenna coaxial cable. Remove the antenna drain hose from the hole in the floor pan. Then remove the ground strap fastener and the lower fastener. Pull the antenna assembly downward to remove it from the spacer and remove the antenna assembly. Remove the antenna mounting bracket fasteners and remove the mounting bracket. The first step in the installation procedure would be to install the antenna mounting bracket to the antenna. Install the fasteners to retain the mounting bracket. A soap and water solution could be applied to the inside of the spacer. Insert the top of the antenna up through the spacer and push to secure. Align the lower leg of the antenna bracket to the hole in the inner quarter. Then install the antenna lower fastener and tighten the fastener. Align the ground strap with the upper bracket. Install the ground strap fastener and tighten the fastener. Then install the antenna drain hose to the hole in the floor pan. Connect the antenna coaxial cable and the electrical connectors. Finally, install the rear compartment trim.

The Cadillac antenna is an important part of the radio system and if damaged, would need to be replaced immediately. Unawareness of how to handle repairs and replacements could lead to questions. When questions arise, turning to an Expert is highly recommended.
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