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Questions about Android Devices and Android Operating Systems

Android is a Linux based operating system (OS) that was developed mainly for use on mobile devices that use touchscreen technology such as tablet computers and smartphones. Android has many applications designed by developers which help to add a range of functions to a smartphone or tablet that uses the Android operating system. Over 675,000 in number, these applications can be downloaded from a range of sites. As the Android OS is used widely across the world, there could be many questions that arise pertaining to installing the OS, developing applications for it and so on. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to the Android OS.

I need to make an Android application that does calculations that I have developed on an Excel spreadsheet. How do I do this?

Typically, you need considerable programming experience to design an Android application. If you do not have programming skills and are not a good java programmer, it could be easier to contract the job to a third party who can develop the application for you.

If you do have HTML5 and Javascript experience, you could look at a few cross-platform development tools that include Phone Gap, Appcelerator, and AppMobi. You may find AppMobi worth looking into since it a cloud-based development environment that runs entirely in a browser.

Alternatively, if you understand Flash Actionscript, you should check out the latest version of Adobe Flex, which also has good cross-platform mobile support. It may be worth your while to also look at another alternative called OpenPlug which is also based on Flex.

In case you do not have much programming experience but are still keen to do this on your own, App inventor for Android can help you. It has been designed for non-programmers. You may still find that it involves a considerable amount of work but it is a useful tool for beginners.

What does the “@” symbol stand for in Android programming?

This symbol is used in Java to denote a method that overrides a parent method. Apart from helping in documentation, the “@” symbol also helps the compiler to warn you when your method doesn’t override properly.

If you would like more information on annotations, please visit:

In the Android market, where can I go to get free favor points for imobsters?

Check both the links below. The first one should give you 12 favor points for running the game.

What’s the best way to install Android 4.0 on the HP TouchPad?

The tutorial below will give you the right steps to follow to install Android on your TouchPad.

I have a general understanding of C++ and want to understand how to install an Android app. I think I have the skills necessary to code the app but am having difficulty setting up the environment on my PC. Despite putting the executables as well as the whole of the SDK and Eclipse programs all unpacked into the same file, the SDK is refusing to recognise that the Java is installed. What should I do?

Many people face this problem with the Android SDK. In case you haven’t uninstalled this, it would be advisable to run the Android SDK installer. If it indicates that it cannot find the Java, click the "Back" button". Once you do this, click the "Next" button to install the SDK.

If you have already uninstalled everything, download the SDK again and follow the steps above.

While the questions above may have answered a few of your own queries about the Android OS, there could be other issues related to using the OS that involve purchasing applications, downloading and running them and so on that are unique to your particular case. While you may solve a few of these issues on your own, seeking professional advice for others may be safer. Whatever your problem, contact the Android Experts to understand how to find a solution that is not only quick but also cost-effective.

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