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Analog & Digital TV Related Questions

Are you having trouble receiving all of your channels? Do you need to know how to connect an antenna to receive channels? In an era of advanced technology, analog TVs may be a fading variety. However this doesn’t change the fact that they are durable and many of you own analog TVs. When you face problems with them, it can be frustrating and confusing. This is a time when you are looking for quick answers and guidance. Now it is possible to get your questions answered and find solutions from the comfort of your home, by asking verified Experts online. Read below for questions answered by Experts.

Why am I unable to view all channels on my Panasonic TV?

The channels are possibly converted to digital and the TV being analog, is unable to pick up these digital channels. To change this, a device called Digital Transporter Adapter (DTA) is required. This device converts digital signals to analog, thereby making the channels available. It can be obtained from cable operators at a nominal fee.

Do digital televisions require a different antenna when compared to an analog TV?

If you have an existing analog antenna, it may not be necessary to change to a digital one for a newer television. This is because in most cases, the analog antenna should work, especially if you live in a city. Alternatively, a digital antenna can be used since they can provide better direction and have higher gain.

What does a snowy picture on the TV indicate?

A snowy display is a clear indication of analog TV signals or analog air tuning bands. Digital TV signals do not produce this type of an effect. It is possible that you could have accidently erased digital air settings by selecting cable TV channels and scanning them. This will result in channels that cannot be memorized and change the TV setting to “default” (analog). Alternatively, you could have selected the wrong “band” (air or analog) on your TV. To get it back, from “Setup Menu” settings, manually select “Digital Air” setting to make the TV tuner switch the signal.

Why does the HDTV connected to an external antenna freeze suddenly?

This could be an issue with the inbuilt tuner which is essentially part of the television’s main board. It can be resolved by replacing the main board. An alternative would be to connect a digital to analog converter box which comes equipped with its own digital tuner and remote. The air antenna should be plugged into the converter box, connecting the audio and video output to TV. The input source should be TV after which available air channels can be scanned.

What could prevent the analog Sony TV from displaying a picture? 

Case Details: The screen has a bluish glow. The audio works fine and a light is visible at the backside of the television.

To begin with the TV should be reset to default factory settings. To do this, with the TV remote pointed at the TV, the “Up” arrow should be pressed while simultaneously pressing the “Power” button on the TV. This powers down the TV and restarts it at the initial start-up screen. If this doesn’t work, the problem could lie with the input located on the BM board of the video processor. The board needs to be replaced to fix this problem.

Leaving analog and digital TV issues unattended or calling professionals home to check your TV may not be feasible or necessary. As seen above analog TV problems can be resolved by you with the right information. This is possible through insights from Experts. If your problem is different from what is provided above, ask verified Experts. They can help you arrive at solutions faster, saving you time, effort and money.

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