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What is a Lease Agreement Amendment?

Lease amendment agreements are normally presented if two individuals are on the lease and one breaks their contract. This results in the landlord having that individual sign a lease amendment stating that this person is not able to receive their deposit. If an individual is not obeying the rules on the lease, then the landlord may present this in order to force these types of rules. They cannot have a lease amendment unless all parties agree to it.

In the state of Michigan, if a renter has not paid rent by the first of the month as stated in the lease, will the landlord have the right to make a lease amendment?

The landlord is not allowed to amend the lease without permission from the renter. The landlord can give them one of two choices. One being agreeing to the lease amendment that is provided because of a late fee, or if the renter proceeds to be late on another rent payment, the landlord will terminate the lease and evict them.

In the state of Texas, if someone’s spouse signed the other spouse’s name on a lease amendment without permission, is the other spouse responsible?

This person cannot be held responsible for the lease because they did not personally sign it. As for their spouse, this person can be charged civilly and criminally for fraud and forging someone else’s signature without a power of attorney or permission. The only way this person could be responsible for their spouse signing their name to a legal document is if the two parties have a joint possession and or accounts.

If an individual moved out of an apartment where their roommates are still residing, will this person still be responsible for their half of the rent if their name is still on the lease?

This person could still be held responsible since their name was still written on the lease. This person is responsible to pay anything up to the date they moved out, anything after that, the new renter will be responsible for. In many cases, when one person moves out and another takes over the lease, the rent will be prorated.

In the state of Texas, when sharing an apartment, what option does the individual who is still living in the apartment have if the former roommate is trying to sue them for the deposit?

Case Details: The former roommate broke their lease agreement and signed a lease amendment agreement to lose all right to their security deposit.

The individual who is still living in the apartment can file a counter suit against the other individual for a breach of the lease; they can also request any losses that had occurred until another roommate that is found. Then again, the individual still residing in the apartment should have received the deposit from the new renter. The former roommate will still owe this person for the bills and the court will compensate their share of the deposit for the bills, and also for the time where the individual had no roommate since the other had breached their lease.

After a lease agreement has been signed does a landlord have the ability to present a lease amendment to the renter in order to raise the price in rent?

In this case, the landlord is not able to do this. The landlord must comply with what has already been agreed upon on the original lease. If and when there is a renewal of the lease, the landlord should present a lease amendment agreement to the renter, and if both the renter and landlord sign the lease amendment is when this change will take effect. 

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