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Amended Return Questions

What is an amended return?

An amended tax return may allow one to file a correction to a filing status, income or add deductions or credits missed on one’s original tax return within a time frame set by the IRS. After filing a tax return one may realize they have overlooked a large tax deduction or income that could require them to file an amended tax return. An Expert may have insight in knowing when and how to file an amended tax return that could save you money in penalties that may be assessed by the IRS.

How long does the IRS have to pay a refund on an amended return?

A taxpayer that may be filing a claim for a refund on an amended return must file an amendment within three years of the original refund or within two years if it was an overpayment of tax paid.

When filing an amended return, IRS rules state that they have 12 weeks upon receipt, to process the return. A Taxpayer Advocate Service may be of assistance in processing the return if the return has not been processed within the 12 week period. This may add an additional 4 to 6 weeks in processing a return. Although the IRS may have procedures implemented that allow them to process returns in a timely manner, there is no statutory language that limits the IRS in the processing of an amended return.

Can one file an amended tax return for employee related dining and entertainment expenses that are not filed with the original return?

Internal Revenue Code section 274 has specific requirements regarding deductions related to business meals. All meal expenses are an acceptable deduction when travel requires one to be away from home. Some requirements have been put in place and need to be documented to justify the deduction. Notes made directly to your receipt could allow easy reference. Entertainment within your home area would require that business matters were discussed, who attended in addition to the amount of the receipt. One would need to make reference to any reimbursement received towards these traveling expenses on the amended returns as well.

When filing an amended return does one need to send all forms filed on the original return or just those that have changes?

Understanding how to file an amended return may result in less confusion for the IRS. The IRS may notify one if additional information is required to process their claim. The submission of additional documents may cause a delay in any refund one may be expecting.

Documentation that has no bearing on a refund or underpayment may or may not be required. Notations on the Forms “Attach to your tax return" or "Check this box if this is an original, amended, or supplemental form or attachment to a previously filed return" may help in clarifying your filing status.

How do I get the IRS to remove any penalty and interest due to failure to file an amended tax return in a timely manner?

You may have the right to appeal penalties assessed for failure to file an amended tax return. They often waive penalties and interest associated with small error or oversight. However in the event of a large error; the IRS may need to be convinced that it was a simple oversight. Depending on the penalties assessed and tax owed, one may want to hire a tax attorney. An attorney’s ability to craft a letter with appropriate language and tone, along with his representation may provide a credible influence.

The IRS is making an effort to convert all processing to electronic returns, and to reduce processing times for paper returns. This does not guarantee or set a statute of limitations for a response to an amended return. In the event of large sum is owed they may take a position of tax avoidance and therefor apply a penalty. It may be best to let the Experts handle the IRS when it comes to filing an amended tax return.
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