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Philips Ambilight TV Related Questions

Is your Philips TV screen with ambilight fading in intervals? Or, can ambilight problems cause problems with one half of the screen? The ambilight system is the one which controls the left/right (master/slave) backlight inverters. The brightness is also controlled by the ambilight to a certain extent. Problems with the inverter can be associated with ambilight issues; however, this requires proper understanding of symptoms and troubleshooting to diagnose. These problems can crop up suddenly and instead of feeling frustrated and helpless, you can be well informed and aware, by seeking guidance from electronic Experts online.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about Philips ambilight TVs.

What can be done about the Philips ambilight TV screen fading every 30 minutes?

This is probably a mainboard problem and would need to be replaced. To do this, the rear panel of the TV should be removed to locate the mainboard. It is the board with the AV connectors. It should be unplugged or unscrewed from the chassis. Once the old board is out, the part number should be checked to obtain a replacement and to change out the old one.

Why is the Philips ambilight TV’s right half of the screen normal while the other half is greenish black?

To confirm this problem, first the menu option on the TV should be pressed to check if it appears normal. If the menu displays the same problem, the cause could be a faulty T-Con board on the set. This board is responsible to process the image onto the LCD screen in two distinct halves. Since in this case, one half of the screen is affected while the other is not, it confirms a T-Con board problem and needs to be replaced. Setting adjustment changes or modifications will not fix this issue.

Why does the Philips ambilight TV keep clicking off with a flashing red light at the bottom?

Case Details: The red light flashes slowly six times and flashes fast three times.

Based on the description of the problem, it is most probably the capacitors on the power board which are faulty causing the issue. To deal with this all the capacitors should be replaced or the entire power supply board needs to be replaced. If you plan to do this on your own, you need to be able to solder the new capacitors on the power supply board which should rectify the problem in majority of cases. The other possibility could be a short circuit at the Y-sustain or X-sustain board but this would need to be confirmed using a meter.

What causes the Philips ambilight picture to work intermittently every 15-20 seconds?

Case Details: It generally works fine after remaining turned off for some time.

Most probably the backlight is off or is defaulting because of a faulty inverter or poor grounding on the inverter. This backlight is a set of CCFL tubes within the display panel meant to illuminate the pixels. The inverter needs to be inspected including its power supply, voltage and grounding/earthing route. To overcome this problem, replacing the inverter would be ideal.

Why does the Philips ambilight picture display only for 10 seconds after which two red lights get displayed at the power button?

Case Details: The lights are not blinking.

Prior to confirming the problem, a flashlight should be directed at a 45 degree angle on to the screen and the screen should be observed closely. The menu option should be pressed to see if a dimly lit, shadowy image is visible behind the screen. Whether it is present or not, based on the symptoms, most probably the ambilight TV is beginning to experience an intermittent failure. This is commonly caused due to the ambilight circuit failing. The matter here is that the problem may not resurface for a few hours, days or even months, but it definitely exists. Over time, the failure becomes more frequent until the screen fails to come on at all. This happens when the amilight has short circuited and failed.

Philips ambilight TVs problems can vary based on the age and symptoms. Sometimes, it is simple to diagnose whereas at other times it can be more complicated. Moreover, being aware of the problems, repair and estimates is useful in deciding whether it is worth your time and effort. All this is possible with the help of verified Experts. To ask other questions and get customized answers quickly and economically, contact Experts from the comfort of your home. 

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