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Nissan Altima Hybrid Problems

Are you having trouble getting your Nissan Altima Hybrid to start? Is the AC not working properly? Are there warning lights on the dash that need addressed? Need troubleshooting ideas on these problems? If you’ve been having Nissan Altima Hybrid problems and are looking for easy troubleshooting tips, you can ask Experts.

Listed below are questions on various Nissan Altima Hybrid issues answered by Experts.

Is the error code P0A4C-513 related to the AC in a 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid not working?

Check the level of Freon first to ensure that it is full. If it is low, refill it using HFC-134 Freon, regular Freon cannot be used in Hybrid models as the compressor is electric. Next, using a diagnostic scanner for an Altima Hybrid, scan the vehicle for fault codes. The P0A4C-513 code indicates a problem with the generator position sensor. A Hybrid Certified Specialist is highly recommended to be the only person to inspect and repair your car.

What is causing the red light in the dashboard of a 2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid to flash?

This indicates the fluid in the brake master is low. When the level is low, the brake light will come on. The TCS and ABS light may also come on. Check the fluid level and add the right amount of fluid, do not overfill. If the light goes out then you should also have the brakes checked. If there is no problem with the brake fluid or the brakes you need to have the ABS system scanned to pinpoint the problem.

What could be preventing a 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid from starting?

Check to see if the brake lights are on when you are trying to start the car. If they are not coming on then the brake switch could be malfunctioning, this is very common in push button start cars.

What will cause a 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid to not start after the ignition was left on for a few hours?

Leaving the ignition on may have drained your battery and made it weak. The battery is located on the passenger side in the trunk if you are planning to replace it. You cannot replace the battery with a regular battery since it is a Hybrid so an Optima battery will need to be installed. You can try to access the battery and charge it or get a Hybrid Certified specialist only to look at it for you.

What is causing the low tire pressure warning light to flash in my 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid?

This usually happens if there is a bad sensor signal from low battery built into the sensors. You will need to use a tester to determine what sensor has a failure code stored to locate the bad sensor.

The Nissan Altima Hybrid was known for its precise steering, high safety scores, spirited acceleration and incredibly stylish interiors. To learn how to keep your Nissan Altima Hybrid in good condition on and off the road you can speak to an Expert.
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