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Alligator as a Pet

An alligator is a type of cold-blooded animal that is in the crocodilian family. There are two kinds of species, one is the American alligator and the other is the Chinese alligator. The name came from the Spanish word el lagarto, meaning lizard. When someone owns a pet, questions regarding health and care can arise. Read below where a few questions about alligators have been answered by Experts.

How can someone build a floating dock in an alligator pond that will not harm the alligators?

Owners should be aware of what they are building a dock out of since alligators are known to eat or chew on floating objects in the water. The owner should use plywood that is sprayed with waterproof sealer and place barrels on the bottom to help the dock float and not cause harm to the alligator(s).

What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?

The difference is often the shape of their head. An alligator has a rounded snout while crocodiles have a square snout. Unlike alligators, crocodiles have a salt gland in their mouths since they live in salt water most of the time.

Why does the temperature of the environment matter to an alligator?

Often, when an alligator is in the wild, the temperature where they live will have an effect on their health. When alligators are kept as pets, owners may want to make sure the temperature is kept at a certain degree. When the temperature becomes too cold, often there is a severe chance the alligator can develop an infection or other health issues.

Is a white patch on an alligator’s skin something that can cause concern and where could it come from?

When there are issues with an alligator’s skin, as long as no redness is present, patches or rotten flesh falling off, a small white spot may not be a concern. In some cases, when an alligator is shipped to their new homes, there may be some thrashing around that can cause a small white spot to form from the alligator hitting things.

What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?

The crocodile is often an olive green color, while the alligator is generally a more blackish color. Crocodiles are generally found in salt water, while alligators are generally found in fresh water. The shapes of the noses are different as well, making them easier to tell the difference between the two.

What can cause lumps on an alligator’s skin and how can this be treated?

Lumps on the skin can be caused from a type of fungal infection. This may also produce a type of slimy feel when touched. The fungus that is growing can turn into algae since the alligator lives in water. Owners should treat this fungal infection and make sure the enclosure where the alligator is kept is completely cleaned out.

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